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Who am I to you? Who are you to me? Who are we to the world? What is the world to us? Life is a mysterious creature that you can only observe from afar, if you try to get to close it'll disappear.

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Daily Rant · 4:25pm January 1st

Okay so i'm sure many of you who watch tv or youtube know about the movie 'Escape Room' Well i am sick and tired of hearing about this damn movie. Seriously it is a blatant ripoff of SAW one of the best movie series I have ever watched. Oh they can see you? They can in SAW. Oh all of you have secrets and they know about you in general? Sounds like SAW to me. Oh no you are trapped somewhere and you have to do puzzles and terrible shit to survive. Hmm this isn't funny anymore. It is Saw and this

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