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Welcome to RainDigo: a group dedicated to the two most competitive players for both sides of the Friendship Games.

Rainbow Dash: The Element of Loyalty, lead singer and main guitarist of the Rainbooms, winged wonder of the Tri-Cross Relay, and just a general show-off who has nightmares of singing sunflowers.

And Indigo Zap: the Motocross Champion of CPA, best known for her skill in birdhouse crafting, chemistry, and a bunch of other things. She might have a flair for victory, but she's still just as cocky as Rainbow.

These two might be foes on the fields of sport, but after the Friendship Games, these two could very well be classified peas in a pod. Despite the fact that they go to different schools, they still manage to keep in touch every once in a while.

Here is the group where you can share everything RainDigo: songs, movies, artwork, even fanfiction!

Yes, here in RainDigo, everything to do with these two is permitted. But please, make sure that this page doesn't get piled up with NSFW pictures. I will create a separate thread for that, so that you can all share to your heart's content.

Have a great stay!

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I could easily see these two becoming friendly rivals to each other. Sort of like Goku and Piccolo, or Sonic and Knuckles.

406186 I agree. This would play as they would have a game between each other.

Theme song for these two:

So romantic.

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