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Welcome to LemonZap: the shipping group that ships together Indigo Zap and Lemon Zest, the only two students at Crystal Prep who are most likely to be friends with each other.

Aren't they amazing? A true CPA version of PinkaDash, won't you agree?

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407358 They are essentially the PinkaDash of the Shadowbolts...

If you like the idea, then be sure to spread it with your friends and followers.

Together, we can make the Shadowbolts/Wondercolts Shipping Nexus a thing of beauty!

I could see this ship working out. The two of them are pretty energetic and free spirited.

406395 Of course, it would be great to get more people to ship it :raritywink: I'll do it on my blog, soon.

406302 Do you want to promote this group and get more members for it?

Finally! A place where I can ship my waifus together! :heart: (I always loved this ship so... thanks for making this!)

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