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Welcome to SugarZap! The Shipping group that pairs up the brash Indigo Zap with the wise Sugarcoat. Despite their different personalities, these two are very close friends once you get to know them better.

Talking about SugarZap is highly encouraged here, but as with any other group, there are strict rules to follow.


1: SugarZap is highly encouraged, but veering off into a little chat is fine, just as long as it doesn't try to keep a thread alive. Move it to PMs if you're interested in talking more.

2: NSFW is not allowed unless the thread is marked NSFW.

3: Attacking is never the answer to anything. Doing so will have you banned from this group.

4: The word of the admins is law here, and failing to abide by the rules will get you banned for longer periods of time, or maybe even perma-banned in extreme cases...


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