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Welcome to Sugarjack, the only group on FIMFiction that ships Applejack from Canterlot High with Sugarcoat from Crystal Prep. They might have differing personalities, but the fact remains that they're wiser than most of the other students at their respective schools.

We hope that you enjoy your stay, and that you follow the rules perfectly.

Otherwise Sugarcoat might just have a word with you...


1: You may talk about anything related to Sugarcoat and Applejack, just as long as it's within the realms of these two. Veering off-topic is allowed, just as long as it doesn't persist. If you need to talk to each other, PMs are the way to go.

2: NSFW is NOT PERMITTED, UNLESS you appropriately mark your threads as NSFW...

3: Attacking someone is never the right thing to do, and offenders will be banned for doing so.

4: Sharing fic ideas for SugarJack is permitted, just as long as it only highlights them as the main characters.

5: Pony SugarJack is also allowed, before you start panicking...

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy SugarJack!

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407339 They would bond over the fact that out of all of their friends, they are the wisest. They know exactly how to handle things before Sunset and the others could even conceive methods on doing it.

It would seem interesting to see how those two would get along.

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