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Grand Galvatron

Hello, all Authors of Fimfiction, I am Grand Galvatron, Equestria Girls Fanfic Writer, and Reborn Supreme leader of the Decepticon descendants, The Predacons! Yessss!!

Grand Galvatron Bio

Name: Grand Galvatron

Planet: Formerly, Universe 33 Earth, now Cybertron

Decepticon Galvatron
(Robot Mode)

(Jet Mode)

Predacon Galvatron
Robot Mode

Beast Mode

Transmetal Galvatron:
Robot Mode

Beast Mode (Normal Mode)

Beast Mode (Draco-Tank Mode)

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(Beast Mode)

(Tank Mode)

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Grand Galvatron's Decepticon Chronicles

Blog Posts

  • Thursday
    Sunset Shimmer: The second T-888

    Name: Sunset Shimmer

    T-Unit: T-888

    Read More

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  • Wednesday
    Sci-Twi: The T-888 (T-Triple 8)

    Name: Sci-Twi

    T-Unit: T-888

    Faction: Resistance

    Human Disguise:


    Sci-Twi was an advanced version of T-800 called the T-888.

    Read More

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  • Wednesday
    Good Afternoon Everypony

    Good Afternoon Everypony.

    Hello everyone, I kinda overslept today, but now I'm up.

    Man, I feel so happy because I just had the best sleep of my life, and now, I'm ready to start the day!

    2 comments · 8 views
  • Wednesday
    Good Night Everypony

    Hi everyone this is Grand Galvatron, and I am going to be going to bed early tonight, just want to have enough energy to be ready for what tomorrow has in store.

    Have a great night everyone.

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  • Monday
    Venom Let there be Carnage Trailer

    I did not make this video, all credit goes to IGN.

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  • Monday
    Fallout Equestria Girls: Tales form the Canterlot Wasteland. Ghoul Quotes. Part 2: Wallflower Blush

    "Oh, it's you Sunset, I can't believe I'd ever see you again.

    "I'm so glad to see you again, old friend."

    "God Dammit, why won't those Raiders just leave us alone, they just like to bully us and use our frail bodies for target practice."

    "(Hears roaring in the distance) Oh no, The Death-Claws, their back. RUUUUNNNNN!"

    Read More

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  • 2 weeks
    Sunset Shimmer's many pets

    Pet List:
    A Bengal Cat named Spots

    An Alaskan Malamute named Duke

    3 Parakeets and a Blue Macaw

    4 Guinea Pigs and 3 Hamsters

    5 ferrets and 2 domestic rats.

    7 Koi Fish

    3 Bullseye Snake-Heads

    5 Large-Mouth Bass and Small-Mouth Bass

    A Green-tree Python named Lime and an Emerald Tree Boa named Gem

    A Box Turtle named Alex

    A Leopard Gecko named Ray

    A Mexican Red-Kneed Tarantula Nicknamed The Red-Kneed Bandit.

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  • 2 weeks
    An Announcement

    Hello Everyone, this is Grand Galvatron, and I just wanted to say that This week is Final Exam Week, so I will not be making anymore new fics, or updating old fics until All my Exams are finished.

    I will still be doing blog posts.

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  • 3 weeks
    Top 10 Worst Things Carnage has done

    I did not make this video, All credit goes to Watchmojo.

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  • 3 weeks
    Fallout Equestria Girls: Tales form the Canterlot Wasteland. Ghoul Quotes. Part 1: Aria Blaze

    Aria Blaze:
    (To Sunset): "Hey, stranger, could you spare me a few caps?"..."Oh come on, can't you help a poor Ghoul that's gone down on her luck?"

    "Oh, it's you, Sunset Shimmer (Cough), I've always wondered when I'd see you again."

    "Hey, Sunset, can I come with you, I'm have a lot of experience with a gun."

    "I could even be your personal bodyguard."

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Sunset Shimmer: The second T-888 · 3:25am Last Thursday

Name: Sunset Shimmer

T-Unit: T-888

Read More

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just for a simple comment? I am touched:twilightblush: It just got my attention as I am a terminator fan, plus a friend suggested his own terminator idea for me but that is far away still (planning/needing time to work on it)

I liked what you said about my newest story. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch! may i ask why?

You're so welcome, buddy. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the follow I hope you enjoy what I have written.

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