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Post decks and help people with their build here!
All deck builds are welcome here.
if there is a new structure/starter deck coming out you can post info of it here.
forum thread Rules:

1. Be polite and nice to others.
2. nsfw stuff is not allowed.
3. no spamming the same thread.
4. You can post pictures of your deck build on
a playmat as long as the mat is sfw.
5. if you want to post videos about deck profiles
and videos based around the current meta make sure
they are from big yugitubers that at least have 10,000 subscribers.
if you do post vids from yugitubers that do not have at least 10,000
subs you will first get a warning to stop posting vids from them then if you
continue to post vids the threads will be deleted.

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Question: Can I request Deck builds?

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