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The inter-dimensional realm home for all MLP fanfics based off and/or inspired the all new Lego Dimensions game!

It's a fanfic group so awesome, you're gonna need a bigger imagination!!

While the simple rule is there are none so you can break them, for this group there are a few rules to follow:

1. All fanfics based off and/or inspired by Lego Dimensions are welcome into here (Note: if the characters in the stories are lego figures or not, it's perfectly fine).

2. Any other crossover fanfics that feature inter-dimensional travel are more than welcome here too (they will be filed under the "Other Inter-dimentional Adventures" folder).

3. Unleash your imagination as you are welcome to create awesome crossover stories!

4. No Trolling and Negativity here, under any circumstances!!

5. NSFW stuff is not allowed!

6. Spread the word about this group to your friends and followers.

7. Most important rule of all... HAVE FUN!!

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