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Ready Player? Game on!

A revival of Tim Ribbert's scrapped Video Game Chronicles group.

Princess Twilight Sparkle and friends had discovered a hidden cavern, that acted as the doorway between the real world and the stories of video games.

A new story of adventure is now opened to our heroes and friends.

No matter where you started, when you finished or how you played. The journey is all that’s important.

Note: You must ask permission to add your video game stories to this group although don't hold your breathe on our decisions.

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Make sure you check the forums

Thank you fot the invitation. This is interesting.

Not that we recall of no

Hey, I'm wanting to make a crossover story with Equestria Girls and a game called Terraria very soon, but I don't see it as a tag or anywhere in the games. I'm wondering if anybody knows anything about it. Was it banned and forbidden to be made into a story or forgotten?

So, Tim Ribbert. You saw Super Pinkie Galaxy, didn’t you? Is that why I’m invited?

Comment posted by Matthew Thornley deleted May 15th, 2020

The whole point of this series is to dive into "video game" as a whole, even the ones who's cutscenes have that cinematic quality to them. But no, we're not doing movies 'based' on video games in this series. We want to do stories based "ON" the games.

Do video games movies count?

Thanks for the invite.

Thanks for the invitation.

If you want we made some forums if you like to check them out

Well, well! Now we have video games! I love that!

Consider it done, Mr. Ribbert.

Probably get rid of it and maybe make a forum on the whole adding stories to our group without permission business just to get everyone's attention

What shall we do about the recent addition in the meantime?

No I did not I'll go add a note on how you must have permission to add a story before you add it to the group

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