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The saddest of the sad fictions.

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Here's a sad story about a pony ghost who died before he could ever live. How does he cope being nearly non-existent? Read Stillborn to find out.

Gosh darnit. SAD STORIES:pinkiehappy:

Well, folks, I have just added my two saddest stories to the pile. What My Dark Half Is Telling Me has Pinkamena having an intervention with Pinkie Pie. When your evil side thinks you screwed up, you're in trouble.
The other story is Equus Mortis where a mortician/coroner pony has to plow through quite a bit of misery in order to stop Nightmare Moon's evil plans.

I've just added the first chapter of my story Nightshade to the folder. It's the first story I've written so I would love some constructive criticism if anyone has some on offer. :twilightsmile:

318843 I have a new original story to submit, but I can't figure out how to submit it to the site. I looked at the FAQ but I can't see how to submit a story. I am not tech savvy and I would appreciate it if anypony can tell me how to do this. Thank you for any help that may come my way.:twilightsmile:

I might add a story... I'm gonna.

Listen to me: I just added the wrong fucking story, and I have no idea how to remove it. If anyone in this group sees a stupid ass clop in the submissions, please ignore it.

283240 Let me check out your stories.

Would you consider mine in the Top 10? :twilightsheepish:

182010 Darn, you beat me again...

okie dokie lokie!!:pinkiehappy:

Join Sad instead!

Top 4 Sad Fictions: 1. My Little Dashie 2. Decay 3. Magic Never Fades Away 4. The Price You Pay

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