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I'm actually working on becoming a medical examiner in real life. I liked this can't wait for more.

Ha. I should have known that future medical examiners would be looking at this. In the chapters to come, Morty will be describing the nasty stuff his job brings him. Ponies, at least in this story's universe, have the same limitless capacity for cruelty that humans possess. Good luck with your studies. I hope you have a cast iron stomach. :pinkiecrazy:
Thanks for liking it.

3510446 I love it! This is the first funeral and coroner base story I've seen. I'm studying for being a funeral director and I love how realistic you're bringing it all aspects so far. Looking forward to the next few chapters

Wow! I had not expected my story to attract the attention of folks who want to get into Equus's profession. For the research, I went to a site for autopsies, studied the terminology and then went to a equine vet college site to get some idea of what Dashie's innards would look like. (Some of the skin was peeled away for clarity-the pics were for students, after all.)
:pinkiesick: Well, not really eww. It's interesting to see what the gooey bits look like. Although, I'm sure Dash would have preferred them to be inside her cute tummy.:rainbowderp:

See you all with a fresh, buttery chapter on Monday.

Thanks for the kind words. I love getting them.:pinkiehappy:

This was definitely something I did not expect when I started this. I am open to reading anything, even darker fics like this. I honestly don't usually enjoy them, as they always seem dark for the sake of being dark. This was different. Never did I feel that you wanted to be twisted, evil, or vile. You wanted to tell a story. It was a fantastic story, though maybe a bit short, but with that being my only real complain, I would say you have quite a bit going for you. I wouldn't mind a sequel, and if I may throw a suggestion, I think you have the workings of a good crime drama author. Something along the lines of using his newfound respect to help with more high profile cases. Possibly sitcom like. No matter what direction you take this, if any, best of luck to you and keep on writing. :rainbowdetermined2:

3687842 Thank you times ten million! You are the first fan to make a comment on my story in five flippin' weeks! I thought that maybe after the first chapter, I started to lose my audience. But then the favorites got a few bumps and a fan ove on deviantart liked it enough to make fan-art of it. (see my latest blog.) I am, in fact, working on an Equus Mortis sequel, but it'll be a while for this cake to be baked. I have to make sure I'm not running over the same acre of soil, after all.
I do like crime dramas, though I watch very little television anymore. (Takes away time from this site, after all.)
Again, thank you for all of your comments. I wish I would get more of them. I'll keep on writing.
See you in 2014.

Wow, I've just read the first chapter and this story is amazing, It really takes on a different aspect than most would expect from other fics. BRAVO:twilightsmile:

3702619 And thank YOU times ten million.:pinkiehappy:Yeah, I did a lot of research on human and equine autopsies to get the terminology as accurate as I could without being boring. I hope you like the rest of the story as much. As you can see by the skimpy comments section, I don't get much feedback.:pinkiesad2: Yay for Blown Gasket!

I know you have a soundtrack set for each chapter, but after reading this one, I can't help but imagine this playing.

Seriously, it's some very dark ambiance that I think fits well with the vibe and scene in this chapter.

So, wait, hang on, maybe I missed something (I'm stupid, keep this in mind). Did Luna turn into NMM again, or was this an alternate universe variation on her return from season 1?

3706717 It's an alternate universe version from season one. In what I suppose I could call the Mortis-verse (hmm...catchy title), NMM is basically the female version of Loki. Or the devil.

3706561 I'm always on the lookout for new music. I'll give this a listen when I have the time.
(I'm writing this about an hour past my bed-time.):pinkiehappy: Thanks for the link.:pinkiecrazy:

Congratulations! Your story has officially been deemed a Dirty Ruby by The Gem Hunters
Having recently read through this story made it an easy grade for me. Congrats again and best of luck in the future.

3736558 Thank you! A dirty ruby, eh? Well, dragons do love their jewels. :pinkiehappy:
This means a lot to me. This makes me strive to be diamond quality in the future.
Thanks again.:raritystarry:

3737926 Indeed. Only reason it is in the dirty category is the mature rating. Still definite quality

Would like to point out that Rainbow's martial status is badass.

Her marital status is single.

Sorry. ^^() Other than that, gonna have to keep reading and see what develops! Not sure if this is another send-off from Cupcakes, which seems to be suggested so far, or something else.

Ah, Danvers.

Also the place where the pre-frontal lobotomy was refined and perfected as a "treatment" for mental illness, prior to the inmates being turned loose to roam the streets after it was shut down in 1992.

Kirkbride must be proud. His spinning corpse is powering so many homes!

3739591 :twilightoops:OOPS! Dang it....
Now THIS is why I love getting feedback. You are the only one who caught that. I'll change it when I get the chance. (Geesh, I'll have to do the same for my Deviantart copy, as well.)
Rest assured, there's a lot more to this than just a shout-out to "Cupcakes".
That Dashie joke was pretty awesome.:rainbowlaugh:
I hope you like the rest of the story.

3739747 I'm glad someone spotted that Kirkbride reference. When I came up with the name Kirkbridle, I thought "Ech, that's a terrible pun". Then I realized, "Wait! There are scads of word-play puns all over this fandom! It's perfect!":pinkiehappy:

I think a good continuation for this story would just be his daily life as a mortician and the strange deaths he encounters while in that crazy little town.

3779623 I'm glad you liked it. I am working on a sequel, but it'll be a while before that cake gets baked. One thing I'm trying to do is put more details, more character depth into Equus's next adventure. I'm not done with my little death-pony yet.

I rather enjoyed this. I think it has a few small rough patches, but it was a good read. There were a lot of very good little details, and great turns of phrase, particularly.

3994463 Thank you very much!:yay:
I'm casting around for an editor to help me polish "Equus Mortis" and "What My Dark Half Is Telling Me" to get rid of those rough patches you mentioned. I've had one nibble, but I'm looking for two.:pinkiehappy: Anyway, I'm very glad that you liked the details I put in and the overall story.

Whoa i love the twist you did with the whole pinkamena cupcakes thing.

4656873 Thanks. I'm glad you spotted that.

You're welcome it's not often people do this. Sure cupcakes didn't explain anything and saregent sprinkles never meant to he didn't know his story would be infamous. I am glad he made it even if he regrets it. Originally the pinkamena persona came from an ask blog and no one ever considers that pinkamena couldn't have acted alone there was another force manipulating her. Like in this story.

Damn, I just got done reading the first chapter. Not too long, and boring, and not too short either.

I REALLY, let me say it again to show how much I mean it, REALLY like how you describe The Equus Mortis character.

But I do have one question: is Equus a boy or a girl? Since I didn't see any he or she in this fic, I couldn't tell.

EDIT: Nevermind about the gender question. I found out Equus is a dude, my bad. :twilightblush:

I can now say I have read a great story.

You know, even though I hate Pinkie Pie, I like how her name was (sorta) cleared at the end.

Good job. :raritywink:

4752060 (Sqeee:pinkiecrazy:) I love, love LOVE it when I get this many comments on a story.
I'm glad you liked Equus. I tried my best to make sure that he was troubled, but not whiny. Smart but not omniscient.
I'm glad that you liked how I handled Pinkie. I couldn't just let her twist in the wind.
By the way, thanks for the watch and the fave!

4901213 Wow! Thanks a lot. I'm very glad you liked my story this much. (Now I can send you my annoying-ghost story.:rainbowlaugh:)
Luna needs her own emoticon.

I look like Nightmare Night all year round.

At least he doesn't have to think of a disguise...

Half the students at my old medical school drop out after having to dig into a cadaver further than a few inches.

Reminds me of that one time when I had classes in a morgue (as biotechnologists we aren't supposed to work with patients, but when we had classes in the forensics medicine lab, they shown us the morgue). Some of the students didn't even want to walk into the room where the body was. I and a couple of my friends wanted to stay for the autopsy.

Hmm, seems that Pinkamena was there... :pinkiecrazy:

5073867 Hmm...maybe she was.:pinkiecrazy:
It's cool that some of my readers have similar professions to Equus. (See the bottom of the comments.)
I hope you like the rest of my story. :pinkiehappy:

Wow. I must say this is beautiful! <3 you got the details of everything pinkie pie did spot on... Exept the fact that she sewed Dashie's back up. Still, I see the reason she didn't here.

5076648 I'm glad that you like what you see so far. I hope the rest of the story grabs you just as much.

I took Forensic Anthro last semester, and you seem to be doing a great job. Thank you for knowing the difference between manner and cause of death (that drives me nuts when they do it wrong on TV and in other stuff:pinkiecrazy:) Also, a steak knife or saw would be a serrated blade.

5120860 Serrated blade? :twilightoops: Oh, well. At least I was mostly accurate. I got my research from a horse autopsy (from a veterinarian surgery web-site) and numerous human autopsy reports online. I wanted to make sure the technical details were at least fairly accurate as it drives me buggo to see rampant inaccuracy on TV shows and the like.
(CSI and its ilk make me roll my eyes.)
I'm glad that you like what I've done so far. It's also cool that you study the same things that Equus deals with. :pinkiehappy:

Fantastic! Despite best pony dying, I'm intrigued! Calling it now, the killer was either Pinkie (since the wounds sound like Cupcakes) or Fluttershy (because she has pink hair too and would be an interesting, if obvious twist).

5207140 Juuuuust keep reading.:twilightsmile: Most folks comment on this first chapter alone. I hope you like the other chapters as well.

5207152 Huh, Nightmare Moon using Pinkie as a puppet. That's new. :pinkiesmile: Thanks for a good story and an interesting OC. I loved that reference to Surprise!

5207547 I'm glad you liked the story enough to favorite it.:twilightsmile:. I'm also glad you like my little death-pony OC.
OCs often get a bad rap for being boring, overpowered or whiny. I think I dodged those bullets with little Equus, though.
Thanks for the comments. (And blanking out the spoilers.:pinkiecrazy:)

A nice, fun read. Loved Equus as a character.


5298227 Thanks very much! I tried to break the trend of boring OCs with Equus. I'm glad you like the story.
(I'm working on his third adventure now, but it'll be a while before it's ready for consumption.)

Thank you for uploading your story to The Dark of the Night! :twilightsmile:

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