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It happens. You have a solid story, spent several days or even months to write it, then have someone pre-read it, then have someone edit it, maybe repeat the two, then you publish it, add it to as many groups as you can, and self-promote it to death. You expect a whole bunch of readers to read the effort of your blood (well, not really blood), sweat and tears, hoping to be one of the greats. But an hour becomes a whole day, and you might get a few views, and a few followers and favorites. It agitates you that there is someone else who has another work that makes very little sense yet that story gets the masses.

If you are like that or even unable to acquire a pre-reader or editor, this group is for you.

Refer to the rules regarding posting forums or submitting stories.

Good luck. Who knows? Perhaps you will get more recognition for the story you put your damnedest in. :twilightsmile:

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Is this group still up and running? There are two stories here that I made and edited by myself but only managed to get a few hundred views and single digit likes. Hope I'm not wasting anybody's time.

I accidentally slipped Twilight's World into Horror. Can someone take it out?

This group isn't political, but...
*Dabs aggressively*

I'm really excited, I recieved an awesome giveaway winning from Tridashie! :pinkiehappy:
Blog with a pic of my winning :)


please do not let some stupid regrettable comments i have made in the past affect your judgement on my stories, I have made some stupid remarks in the past just to see how people would react, and I realize that it has hurt my reputation on this siite and the works i publish. and I realize that is not how to conduct myself in this community, I will continue to work on bettering my behavior on this site and promise to only comment on things I have sen or read and will continue to puut out my ideas for your enjoyment, thnk you and have a nice day

Awesome group with a noble cause! :twilightsmile:

I hope most of you will enjoy my stories and leave comments.


so i find this group in the trending groups list, and think to myself "what a jolly good sounding group, i may just join!" only to find that i already joined not even 3 weeks ago...

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