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The Jongojiverse is any stories set in either the Ponyverse or Equestria Girls written by yours truly. Also includes spin offs.

The Jongojiverse is known to have two timelines

Mainverse Faithful (simply referred to as The Old Timeline): Stories begin at some point in Season 4 of the show. Aptly named because aside from the new stories, a majority of this timeline is still faithful to that of the original show. Nonetheless, it is still counted as an alternate universe due to the fact that they were first published on Deviantart well before the Friendship Games. Now rendered fiction and thus non canon as of The Friendship Games.

Jongojiverse Proper (simply referred to as The New Timeline): The current timeline. After Discord applied magic to a space time rift caused by the Human Twilight during Friendship Games, the result granted him the ability to alter certain events in the Old Timeline. This in turn creates a world where 1) Pony Sunset Shimmer is prevalent in the Ponyverse, with her Human counterpart prevalent in her own world, 2) OC characters, aside from a more fleshed out backstory, appear mostly throughout the show and can influence certain episodes, 3) an entirely different first chapter of the Equestria Girls series.

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Those Feeling Left Out or Unpopular

It happens. You have a solid story, spent several days or even months to write it, then have someone pre-read it, then have someone edit it, maybe repeat the two, then you publish it, add it to as many groups as you can, and self-promote it to death. You expect a whole bunch of readers to read the effort of your blood (well, not really blood), sweat and tears, hoping to be one of the greats. But an hour becomes a whole day, and you might get a few views, and a few followers and favorites. It agitates you that there is someone else who has another work that makes very little sense yet that story gets the masses.

If you are like that or even unable to acquire a pre-reader or editor, this group is for you.

Single Writers

In hobby, academia, and profession we are focused on our work so much that we almost forget the next big thing: finding our significant other. This group is dedicated to such people. You can interact with other single writers, promote works, and submit works.

The New Equestria Girls

As there will be more Equestria Girls material, so too must there be Equestria Girls groups. This is one one such group; pretty much the same as the other two big groups, though there is one big difference: 


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For the first story I've written for him, it's the Mainverse Faithful's "Ballad of the Brobdingnag." As for the Jongojiverse Proper, it's in "The New Timeline" chapter "The Dancing Ribbons;" in Equestria Girls, he first appears in "Rise of the Maximals."

413782 Which story did he first appear in?

407029 question, was the yellow pony you used as your avatar a main character in your jongojiverse stories?

407029 The Bus Stop's original intention was for it to be an alternate universe of the Sardonyxverse and the Kogemoriverse (both of which are my universes) but for it to be part of the Jongoiverse? I'm surprised and flattered.


So far, The Bus Stop can make a potential slice of life side story based on the long description alone. It would make an interesting break from the more action packed stories. Based also on the first chapter's time (The End of Winter Break) places it in Jongojiverse Proper as Mainverse Faithful ceased to be October 13th (The day of the Friendship Games).

By the way, thanks for accepting my invite.:scootangel:


Glad you accepted. :ajsmug:

I saw that you gave me an invitation, and so here I am.

How is my fic related to the jongoiverse?

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