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Cycle 12 shall commence from March 19th to April 21st, 2018.

The next submission cycle will open on April 22nd, 2018.

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Reviewers Café is a place for people to enjoy themselves. Our Discord is moderately active with music bots as well as an active staff. We have rules concerning the Discord, however they're common sense rules and shouldn't be feared.

For submissions, we do have some guidelines. As mentioned in the opening crawl of this page, we're looking for the best stories on the site. We try to adhere to reasonable standards regarding this, however should a story of yours fail and you believe it should not have, please don't hesitate to contact ShadowblazeCR and should sufficient time pass and he is unable to answer, message the founder.

Important: Stories with the sole purpose of gore and other morally questionable content such as acts against consent and vore are barred from entry. If you have no idea as to what I refer then it likely doesn't apply to you. Any submission with the aforementioned purpose will be removed without review.

Complaint Officer: ShadowblazeCR

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How do I submit for a review?

This chat section is not monitored. Please Pm an admin with questions.

So this group gives reviews? As in... what, if you don't mind me asking?

That wallpaper looks very familiar, why does that look so familiar? :rainbowderp:

I actually might have a story coming out soon that MIGHT qualify

This is a cool thing your doing here by the way.

Well, here goes attempt number two. Only one fic this time so I feel a little more comfortable about this, not that the number really matters in the long run. Hope you are the reviewer Smaug :twilightsmile:

413651 accident along with my damn computer being shit

413650 Wrong comment section.:facehoof:

Comment posted by Misty Meadow deleted Dec 5th, 2016


If you have a problem with the reviewers, you are able to apply to be one, therefore fixing what you have a problem with. Heck, you could even become an admin at some point if you tried hard enough, don't complain about something you can fix, go fix it. Also, if you have problems with the group, I'm the Complaint Officer, go and throw me a PM if you really have any other problems.

Wow, 5 approved stores and 55 rejected ones. Some of the rejected ones are pretty good too, so perhaps the error might not be in the stories, just the reviewers. :derpytongue2:

Ooh! Thanks! New wallpaper acquired! :yay:

I want that banner picture.

413327 Oh, just so you know since I don't see a review for it and the story that has isn't in there, I think someone might have accidentally place Danganronpa: Equestrian Despair in the rejected folder when it hasn't even gotten a review while Pony Souls has and was rejected. Just so your aware.

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