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Please stand by while I chuck my crapphone at Comcast's HQ.

Flame War Rankings

I like to watch flame wars when I'm bored. Especially ones in Youtube comments. Those are the funniest if you ask me.

Also, my personal ranking table for flame wars:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

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Daily Blog #8 · 4:35am 14 hours ago

Once again, no facts. Those take too much time for me to pull off the top of my head. It was easy at first, but now I have to mentally sort through what I’ve used and what I haven’t.

Thoughts & Opinions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Welp. I migrated most of everything to a 5 gig laptop hard drive I’ll be temporarily using on my first PC until get an SD to IDE adapter for some nice solid-state performance.

Windows XP takes an agonizingly long time to install if you only have 64 mb of ram. Too bad a 256 mb kit of 72-pin EDO ram costs like, $40.

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Characters to Write Stories About

Discord (He appears in several of the stories instead of his own.)
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash - Main character in an upcoming story
Spike - Plenty of cameos in most stories.
Derpy - Appears in Luna's crazyfic
Vinyl Scratch
Shining Armor
Flurry Heart
Queen Chrysalis

...idunno, ScrewDerp?

Planned/Upcoming Stories

Space Horse sequel - I'm still unsure of what this should be called. :facehoof:

??? - There may/may not be a deeper reason was to why I've suddenly taken interest into Artificial Intelligence... :trixieshiftright:


General rule for services: No mature stories, though exceptions may be made through PMs.

Pre-reading: Open for anyone.

Editing: Open for anyone.

Commissions: Now accepting commissions.
PM me for more info on what material I cover, though the same basic rules apply.

Story rewrites: Same rules as my editing service. If your story is too unreadable to be published then I'll try my best to rewrite it based off of the original.

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And taking into account how I used to have fiber-optic before I moved, the frustration feels magnified.

Ha, I feel you. When I had Comcast we legit only got two hours of internet a day total, and it was sloooow.

Yeah... Sorry if I sounded rude with my rants. Its just that the constant connection drops drive up the wall, especially during the school year. :unsuresweetie:

Another Comcast hater?

your amazing @TheMajorTechie

Huh.... I thought I was following you. Better fix that:facehoof:

2448431 I understand. Hope you sleep well

2448426 I'll check tomorrow. I'm gonna turn in fr the night.

2448318 Correction-I just finished the story just now. I'll add you on and let you have a look at it(Editing and such). Don't be afraid to add/change what is needed.

2448308 Ah. Of course. After all, you did an awesome job with the last editing

2448305 Use GDocs and send me the link then. That is, if you're fine with direct editing.

2448293 But what about editing?

2448289 Okay. Send me the link through a PM if you want me to preread it for you.

To answer the previous comment, I have been working on a Father's Day story(Similar to the Mother's Day but slightly different) and I'm just about finished with it. If all goes well, it'll be done by Thursday(or Friday). The Rating is still the same so it's not gory or anything.

2442071 Better safe than sorry, I'd say, so it's worth asking them.

2442069 I'm actually considering sending a PM to the story approvers, 'cause I've got three fics that I'm planning to release soon around the same time. Two of them because of the fact that they're gonna be sidestories to each other's individual story arcs, and one because it's my 100 follower special. :/

2442067 Fair enough, no worries then. Hopefully there's some kind of warning first, I guess?

...Yeah, like I'm going to have time to write more than one story every three months :twilightoops:

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