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A Eulogy for a Friend · 7:01pm Dec 24th, 2023

It's okay now.
You can close your eyes.
You're safe now.
No more pain.
No more pinpricks and needles to deliver cold shots of insulin, day after day.
No more half-blindly running into chairs.
No more needing to stay still and calm, unable to even play with the toys you once threw around.
Last night, you came to me in a dream, watching me silently as I relived your final moments, easing out your final gasps on the carpet upstairs.
And you were okay then.

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hey hey btw i've got a (couple of) public minecraft server(s)! · 5:48pm 10 hours ago

yeah so anyway here is my webbed site lol. there's an MC Classic server for building whatever, and an MC Beta 1.7.3 server for playing survival. I might eventually also put up a modern vanilla server as well, though given how I'm hosting a bunch of servers already for friends and a couple of discord servers, idk if the little slab of a PC I'm using to host 'em all would be able to manage lol.

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there's very strong evidence that they're a bot/alt account of a known scammer from DeviantArt. do not interact with them on discord.

Hey, why did you call Mizra_k sussy baka?

I specialize in whiplash and whiplash accessories.

Ohmygod you're an artist what

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