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The Lab Horse Trilogy

T Lab Horse
A filly lives in a lab. She's lived in that lab all her life. The lab just happens to be on Earth. She wants to go home.
TheMajorTechie · 25k words  ·  62  8 · 904 views
E Space Horse
Gadget has finally completed her portal back to Equestria. Except... that's not where the portal leads.
TheMajorTechie · 9.4k words  ·  30  3 · 384 views
E Equestrian Human
A filly once lived in a lab. That lab happened to be on Earth. She wanted to go home. She never knew what to expect.
TheMajorTechie · 17k words  ·  20  6 · 361 views

Top stories from a not-so-random guy

E Celestia Wants Fried Chicken
What's a Princess to do when she hungers for (chicken) flesh?
TechnoNerd · 1.1k words  ·  11  3 · 218 views
E Oxen? Boxen? Cuppa Dirt!
Sometimes, Sweetie Belle gets distracted. Sometimes, it's a little bit more than she thinks. Certainly her grades would reflect this, wouldn't they? (A rewritten story with permission from Evictus, the original author.)
TechnoNerd · 1.4k words · 214 views

About Me

Name: I have many. Too many. Also, my email address kinda gives it away anyways. :P

Gender: Male

Age: Let’s just say that I was around when Windows 95/98 was still (moderately) relevant. More specifically, I was born around the time Windows XP came ‘round.

Location: 3rd dimension, currently traversing the 4th dimension of time.

Interests: Tech (duh), Ponies (duh), Watching Youtube, Writing, Messing with people, Watching/reading the news for my daily dose of doomsday, learning things, EDM music.

What I’m currently doing:

  • Figuring out a way to pimp my oldest PC even further
  • Writing a commish for a friend of mine from school involving Vinyl Scratch
  • Quickly progressing the plot in Equestrian Human because I've spent far too long on worldbuilding and character development at this point if you ask me.


  • Have a story featured for more than half an hour
  • Keep my 4.0 GPA constant
  • Overhaul and push my oldest and first computer to its absolute limit in terms of speed and power


  • Restoring and upgrading PCs
  • Watching Youtube
  • Reading textbooks
  • Reading in general
  • Taking things apart and putting them back together
  • Science

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Just a little slice of my thoughts. · 1:15am 14 hours ago

I've actually been enjoying writing for Pony-MeTM for the past few days. Compared to how the plot of the Lab Horse series had begun to stagnate in the latter portion of Equestrian Human, Pony-Me is instead pretty open-ended, and gives me a ton of new material to work with as far as worldbuilding goes.

I'm also liking the writing style that I've been using for it, and I can already tell that it's kinda bleeding into some of the other things that I've been writing.

Report TheMajorTechie · 12 views · Story: Pony-Me™ · #pony-me


Characters to Write Stories About

Discord (He appears in several of the stories instead of his own.)
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
Spike - Plenty of cameos in most stories.
Derpy - Appears in Luna's crazyfic
Vinyl Scratch
Shining Armor
Flurry Heart
Queen Chrysalis
Brian the Balloon Animal

...idunno, ScrewDerp?

Have some free story titles.

Sounds Like Bad Fanfiction


Bob the Builder is a changeling

How to Summon Dark Lord (Tirek/Fluttershy/whatever character or OC)

And his name is Michael Rowe Wayve.

The tale of (Uni/Ali)cron
-This is the result of faaaar too many typos I’ve caught in which “Unicorn” or “Alicorn” becomes “Uni/Alicron.

A Story in Which Everything and Everyone is a Cliche Idiot of Generic Stupidity
I’m seriously considering writing a trollfic using this title. :trollestia:

In which a tree is a thief. Why? Why not?

All This Time
Celestia slowly realizes that Luna has become Nightmare Moon-- the hard way.

Approaching Infinity
Name every color and count to tree. That's how you approach Infinity.

The Masks We Wear
Idunno, but this sounds like it would either turn out sad, or uncomfortably edgy.

A Perfect World Cannot Exist.

Twilight Sparkle and the Unholy Existence of COMIC SAAAAAAAANNNNNNS

Frickle Frackle


Updates/Upcoming/Planned stories · 11:22pm November 29th

It's probably gonna take a while, but if I had the time to, then here's the stories that you'd be seeing probably not-so-soon.

~~~Upcoming stories~~~

Scratch Reviews - Vinyl Scratch does some reviewing of... things.

~~~Possible future stories~~~

Bottled Sarcasm - probably gonna be my next trollfic if I ever have the time to write it.

Read More


General rule for services: No mature stories, though exceptions may be made through PMs.

Prereading/Editing: No mature stories unless agreements are made through PMs,
max. length 10,000 words. Open. 1 openings available.

Commissions: Closed.
PM me for more info on what material I cover, though the same basic rules apply.

Story rewrites: Same rules as my editing service. If your story is too unreadable to be published then I'll try my best to rewrite it based off of the original. Open. 1 opening available.

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once again, posting from a p2!


any of your choosing

What kinda tea?

Otherwise, got chocolate. I'm not. Coffee person.

tea or coffee?

Btw if you have any suggestion please message me back, this story is written for the Readers you guys can ask for events and Join if you guys want to, so if want to see this story grow, leave a comment or a suggestion and I'll see to improving. im not joking

sorry about those comments, those were a mistake at the beginning of my story where I had it as 'Fallout-Soviet Assualt' it is my fault but I dont want the comments there to influence what people think, since this is not a fallout eq ripoff.

2489155 Well, so far, it's very lacking in the notice department.

2489146 Now the question remains if it wil be any good...?

Finally got a story publish(a non-one shot)

2480984 I know the feeling.

There should be a story going up on that pretty soon though. I forgot how long it takes to publish without auto-approval.

TechnoNerd. It's kinda a throwback to when this account was named that. Also, I'm gonna be publishing rewrites on that account from now on to keep things separate.

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