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I'm that weird grey area between 90's kids and 2000's kids. || Join my Discord!

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About Me

Name: Vincent

Gender: Male

Age: Let’s just say that I was around when Windows 95/98 was still (moderately) relevant. More specifically, I was born around the time Windows XP came ‘round.

Location: Pile of parts in the corner.


  • Tech, both digital and mechanical
  • Ponies (I used to make fun of the show back when G3.5 was around. G4 changed that.)
  • Watching Youtube
  • Writing whatever
  • Messing with people
  • Watching/reading the news for my daily dose of doomsday
  • Learning things
  • EDM, orchestral, and pop music
  • Refraining from swearing.
  • Mechanical keyboards
  • Reading old and new textbooks

Religion: (Semi)-nonpracticing Buddhist.


  • Edited for Evictus
  • Golden turd award
  • Branched back into original fiction

What I’m currently doing:

  • Things


  • Keep my 4.0 GPA constant
  • Overhaul and push my oldest and first computer to its absolute limit in terms of speed and power


  • Restoring and upgrading PCs
  • Watching Youtube
  • Reading textbooks
  • Reading in general
  • Taking things apart and putting them back together
  • Science
  • Posting memes and meerkats in the comments


Latest Stories

Flame Wars? Have some gifs for your posting pleasure!

Read my latest story!

The Ultimate-est Pichu of Equestria

It seemed like I was just about to win, too. Wario just had to toss his motorcycle at me, didn't he?

Oh well, looks like I'm back to the big forest I was raised in... wait, this ain't a Pokemon...does that mean... oh, oh, ooh... now I get it. This is just some sort of new adventure mode, ain't it?





Finally finished animating my avatar! · 5:24am Monday

Took nearly half a year of on-and-off work. I decided to take advantage of the time I have free today to just go ahead and finish the thing.

Report TheMajorTechie · 11 views · #avatar

To-do list (unordered)

  • Build a case for my tablet out of a thrift-store laptop's casing for the sole purpose of trolling people around me.
  • Finish Pony-Me and all spinoffs.
  • Get a new memchanical/mechanical keyboard.
  • Replace glitchy mouse with better mouse.
  • Finish learning Java
  • Make that visual novel-style game I've had floating around in my head
  • Be productive
  • Script-based AI?
  • Lab Horse Redux

Have some free story titles.

Sounds Like Bad Fanfiction


Bob the Builder is a changeling

How to Summon Dark Lord (Tirek/Fluttershy/whatever character or OC)

And his name is Michael Rowe Wayve.

A Story in Which Everything and Everyone is a Cliche Idiot of Generic Stupidity
I’m seriously considering writing a trollfic using this title. :trollestia:

In which a tree is a thief. Why? Why not?

Approaching Infinity

A Perfect World Cannot Exist.

The Angry Birds crossover nobody asked for or needed


Now do you know how to know what to now?

You've heard of Cinderella, now enter Blender-Smella!

The World at Our Feet

Overdramatic. Opportunistic. Optimistic. Forever.

Twelve Years 'till Midnight


I See Me

Webkinz crossover (Or, I GOTTA RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN...)

This (really) Shouldn't Work.

The quest to send Celestia hurtling into the sun

Anon breaks his hand on Luna's face.

An allegory to how sometimes, pressure either from ourselves or others may force us to manufacture emotions, stories, or even downright lies. This would essentially be a window into my personal opinions on maintaining a constant stream of stories. Also, irony at its finest.


Due to the fact that I have five college-level classes this year, I likely won't have time for any services whatsoever. If you feel like you absolutely need editing on something from me for some reason or another, contact me via PM.

General rule for services: No mature stories, though exceptions may be made through PMs.

Prereading/Editing: No mature stories unless agreements are made through PMs,
max. length 10,000 words. Closed.

Commissions: Closed.
PM me for more info on what material I cover, though the same basic rules apply.

Story rewrites: Same rules as my editing service except with a maximum length of 3,000 words or less rather than 10,000. If your story is too unreadable to be published then I'll try my best to rewrite it based off of the original. Closed.

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Appreciate the watch/follow

Story's up! My latest blog post has the link.

Hopefully it'll be out soon. :twilightsmile:

2691985 Ah. Well, I still want to see it. It looks hilarious

A commenter pointed out that it had little relation to MLP, so I'm running it past the story approvers to see whether or not it has enough ponies to be posted. Normally, I just use auto-approval.

What happen to that Pichu story? I was gonna read it.

And I'm alive again! UwU

*insert trying-to-be-cool prace that is actually cringy*

Flex tape computer case

wait wouldn’t that just destroy your computer to since you have to close every hole

20+ character password, combined with biometric face unlocking and 2-factor authentication. Considering a physical keylock.

Ctrl Alt Delete will just make me stronger...

Uses Crtl Alt Delete :moustache:

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