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Current writing priorities:

  1. Into Equestria
  2. Continue working on My Own Reality

About Me

  • Name: Vincent
  • Definitely a dude
  • Likes to write things more on the original fiction side (Genfic when?)
  • Current owner of:

  • Filthy casual of a fan
  • Literally scared himself away from being too invested in the fandom with his own story one time.
  • Once posted a fimfic blog from a computer from the 1990s
  • Obviously has an (unhealthy?) obsession with all things tech.
  • No, I will not do your story commissions. Leave your requests to my comment-driven stories.
  • Likes to refrain from swearing but is perfectly fine with everyone else swearing.
  • Has like 0 social media presence besides a Facebook account to sync Angry Birds 2 savegames. Also, a dead Youtube channel.

Flagship/Mainline stories over the years


EWielder of the Orb: Of Magic and Ponies
A story of teens, evil beings, ponies, and interdimensional escape.
TheMajorTechie · 6k words  ·  13  8 · 435 views


TSpacebound Equestria
After a horrible defeat against Sombra, the remaining ponies board the ship 'Equestrian Pride', and head for the heavens above. What awaits them... is held within...
TheMajorTechie · 16k words  ·  14  4 · 563 views


EThe Wielder of the Orb
The Orb - A high condensed ball of pure energy, so powerful that it spans across not just dimensions, but entire UNIVERSES. What may become of Nightshade as she begins her adventures as the Wielder of the Orb?
TheMajorTechie · 5.8k words · 251 views
EI Think I Summoned a Ponk.
What do I do now?! I just woke up, and all of a sudden, there's a freaky pink pony in my house! Seriously, please tell me I've gone insane... and the world just ended, too.
TheMajorTechie · 18k words  ·  65  12 · 1.7k views
TEquestria Forever
In a world where nothing is left but war and fear, a precious handful of people, together with the few remaining ponies, strives to bring back the world they once knew...
TheMajorTechie · 7.6k words  ·  15  7 · 354 views


ETwilight Finds Herself in Generation 1.
That's pretty much all there is to it, aside from chaos. There'll be QUITE a lotta chaos...
TheMajorTechie · 8.2k words  ·  74  19 · 1.7k views


TLab Horse
A filly lives in a lab. She's lived in that lab all her life. The lab just happens to be on Earth. She wants to go home.
TheMajorTechie · 25k words  ·  72  8 · 1.3k views
ESpace Horse
Gadget has finally completed her portal back to Equestria. Except... that's not where the portal leads.
TheMajorTechie · 9.4k words  ·  34  3 · 551 views
EEquestrian Human
A filly once lived in a lab. That lab happened to be on Earth. She wanted to go home. She never knew what to expect.
TheMajorTechie · 17k words  ·  22  6 · 578 views
EShattered Rainbow
Rainbow Dash: The filly that never had a chance.
TheMajorTechie · 8.8k words  ·  27  3 · 611 views


EWhat If...
A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.
TheMajorTechie · 65k words  ·  192  29 · 3.4k views


What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.
TheMajorTechie · 74k words  ·  259  19 · 3.9k views


EWorlds Reset
The world she once knew is gone, replaced by an infinite canvas.
TheMajorTechie · 6k words  ·  25  1 · 274 views
TLet's write a story.
We won't know where we'll start, nor where we'll end, so long as we write. A heavily comment-driven story.
TheMajorTechie · 6.7k words  ·  12  1 · 137 views

Flame Wars? Have some gifs for your posting pleasure!

Read my latest mainline stories!

Worlds Reset

Amber once dreamed of a world she could shape as her own.

Now, that dream is her nightmare and the world's reality.

A spiritual successor to Pony-Me™.

Preread by Commander Joe, Thunderous, Tetra Sparks, Azure Sandora, and Sherry A H.

Let's write a story.

I have no idea what I'm doing. This is probably gonna be a less triptastic counterpart to What If... that actually tries to be a cherrypicked comment-driven story. Just a place where I could write whatever's on my mind without having to always make it funny.

Think of this as a sort of mirrored What If that focuses on the more serious things then comedy, and actually follows a plot instead of throwing everything at the wall. :twilightsmile:

This story is very heavily comment-driven, and is very much a writing experiment.

Active Stories (High priority)

Active Stories (Medium-Low priority)


OC Spotlight: MindGlitch/Anicetus · 5:09am 2 hours ago

Ayyyyyy, we're back again with another Wielder of the Orb character, and this time we're lookin' at a villain!

MindGlitch by far probably has gone through the most change since his inception back in... what, 2014? 2015? Either way, he was around before I started writing horsewords.

Read More

Things I might write


How to Summon Dark Lord (Tirek/Fluttershy/whatever character or OC)

A Story in Which Everything and Everyone is a Cliche Idiot of Generic Stupidity

In which a tree is a thief. Why? Why not?

Approaching Infinity

A Perfect World Cannot Exist.

The Angry Birds crossover nobody asked for or needed


Now do you know how to know what to now?

You've heard of Cinderella, now enter Blender-Smella!

The World at Our Feet

Overdramatic. Opportunistic. Optimistic. Forever.

Twelve Years 'till Midnight


I See Me

Webkinz crossover (Or, I GOTTA RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN...)

This (really) Shouldn't Work.

The quest to send Celestia hurtling into the sun

By My Own Design
If Twilight can't make new friends, she'll just MAKE them...

Daybreaker (Celestia equivalent of Nightmare Moon) takes power shortly after some traumatic event happens to Celestia.
She begins to grow frighteningly authoritative, and begins cracking down on dissent with "sunbeams", essentially instant vaporization
of a target by focused sunlight, leaving behind hardly anything else but ash and mist.

Main character sides with Luna, and begins a long struggle to take down the reign of Daybreaker, constant threat of being "beamed" always on their mind.

Probably would be a successor to my long line of one-shot trollfics, honestly.

Something about Celestia being a server admin and Equestria is literally just a chatroom or something like that

Edgelords LLC. - exactly what it sounds like.

Never/Again - two perspectives of a situation

Night of the Manless Head-horse

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I’ll have to visit some time so we can compare.

Does your dog snore louder than I do?

Okay. If you ever change your mind, I know a guy! https://www.fourthbrain.ai/

I prefer where I live here in Utah, thanks. I'd rather avoid any kind of chaos for the time being, and I'm already enrolled in an early college program that shaves two years worth of tuition off.

What are your thoughts on Puerto Rico?

Hey, would you be interested in a free college education on AI and Machine Learning coding?

Are you adding a pumpkin to your profile picture every day? Also, I feel like it's time for another crackfic collab.

Hopefully though it'll be happier fare from here on! :raritywink:

No problem. That's the first tearjerker I've read in a good little while. I needed it, after the finale. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav!

You should probably get more sleep, silly!

All hail Sweetie Giraffe

I have done a great sin unto you and the great what if

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