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The 500000th Account

A human being hit this milestone! A perfect pairing of the 500,000th story and 500,000th user. :)

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Some heavy news. · 5:28pm April 23rd

Level Dasher, who helped edit the milestone 500k-th story and so much more, has passed away.

Please be respectful in the comments of the blog post, as it is now a memorial to him, much like Ninjadeadbeard's final blog was a memorial, and MythrilMoth's before that.

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I will now proceed to pass out. I am so tired from the frantic rush against bot accounts to reach this number. THe new users list shows that 20+ bots seem to have been made following this account's creation.

I'd also like to congratulate https://www.fimfiction.net/user/500001/Claude for (seemingly) being the first human to pass the 500,000th account milestone! I'm assuming you're not a bot based on the pfp and name, so kudos to you!

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