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What would you do if you've never truly lived your life?

How would one tell between a dream and reality?

I'll add tags as I go. Writing this was a completely new experience.

Pre-read by: Undead Equestrian Writer, Dreadnought, DeejayShuffle, lunarderpy1, Dire Hawk, BattleScarredPony, and German Empireball.

Cover art by me using a stock RD cutie mark and a crapton of filters in PDN. (Sorry, no crazy gradients this time!)

Not to be confused with a much, much older story by the same name. The author of that one hasn't been on for a pretty long time, but better safe than sorry. :derpyderp1:

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I am quite intrigued to see where you're going with this. Well done!

8211746 Thanks!



I have no idea what I'm doing.

It’s seems to be going well, you have my interest. :unsuresweetie:

Updates will probably take a while though. The existing chapters is what three months have brought.

That’s fine! Take as long as you need!

Everyone's so blunt in the way they tell Rainbow that her whole life was a lie.

Although the prologue was short, it was excellent! It was short but sweet. Somewhat satisfying but also makes me want to come back for more. Will read more!

O snap.

Well. That's right depressing, m8.


Quite. Is this a case of ripping off the bandage?

Gotta admit this is the most interesting and original idea I've seen in awhile. I hope you continue.

Thanks. I'm working on the next chapter's planning right now. :twilightsmile:

Good to hear. I would like to see a seizure or two as a result of the brain injury.

Perhaps. Would you like to preread for later chapters? I could always use another opinion on how things work out.

If you like. Just pm the chaps.

I'll do that once they're written. :yay:

Glad to see that you got this story approved.

(I'm the General, BTW.)

Alrighty then. Lemme update the link. How’d you like the story so far?

Yup. I’m currently working on the next chapter, albeit slowly.

Why are the chapters so short?

I haven't had too much time on hand recently, but today's the last day of school before fall break, so hopefully I should get some more time for writing. ^_^

That's twisting the knife right there. :fluttercry:


Will Gadget and Delmar make another cameo???



Also, don't forget, Applejack doesn't exactly exist in this version of Equestria. It's an aged up Apple Bloom.

Glad to see another new chapter! Keep up the good work.


Okay. Also I think I asked this but are there cars in this story?

Yup, though not nearly as advanced as what we have in real life.

So........ 60s ish? I find it odd there is TV and smartphones but not a lot of cars

Well, Ponyville isn't exactly a very suburban town to begin with. Once this story turns to Canterlot, however... :trollestia:

And by advanced, I'm talking about things like self driving cars. Generally the tech used in most cars has stayed largely the same.

Seriously? Ugh :facehoof:

During the prohibition era alcohol and liquor were illegal. Most liquor store owners and brewery owners at the time used to have young drivers in souped up cars outrun the cops to sell their products. Most of the time it is moonshine. Those drivers were called bootleggers and transporting booze across country is called Bootlegging.

What I was saying/asking if you could add bootlegging to this. Maybe Dash could get a job as one.

Maybe. Though right now I'm focusing on tying a few plot elements up.

nice story so far
most of the mane 6 don't exist
is this a starlight messed with something story?

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