This story is a sequel to Space Horse

Heh. Well, I’m here... in Equestria...

Delmar’s here too, but... well,

Nothing is how I thought it to be.


Cover art created in collaboration between me and my sister, Skittle Sky.

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yeaaaah... if they are responding to a distress signal... it means that this Equestria has technology to support it


I wonder what those Alternate Universe and Sci-Fi tags are up to...

it's several years in the future...
it don't tell much

Alright! Binge read complete, AU data synced and ready for plot projections!
Fifty years can have massive impact on society. Twilight is going to geek out on the aliens, isn't she?
Keep going! ;)

Best to mention the whole wormhole business and let them ask questions, keep them from realizing just how little you know.

Or continue being mildly surprised by everything that she didn’t expect. :trollestia:

Either way, by next chapter I’m planning on having her meet with some sort of diplomacy so she could hold up her end of the deal. That is, setting up trade relations in exchange for having used public funding for the portal.

Hmm. We have a feeling that Earth may not have much to offer this Equestria...
Keep going! ;)

Well if she's murdered then the adoption papers should go right through!
And what's this "Queen" business? And she just sits there staring and that gets ponies to open up?
There's going to be a lot of explaining to do...
Keep going! ;)

1017? i suspect the calender re-started at a different point in this Equestria.

Well you know what they say, all publicity is good publicity, right?
Finding a good place for a base of operations in Canterlot can be tricky, but we wonder how they're going to open trade negotiations...
Keep going! ;)

*Boops Celestia*


*Boops again*

*Trade relations open*

We call mind hacks! The Princess has been compromised!

Shouldn't be too hard, just park it in the garage! :pinkiehappy:
If there's one thing we know about the government it's that it's not fast. Wonder what's going on over there...
Keep going! ;)

Eugh, Chemistry was cool but stupidly difficult. Good luck!
Two weeks to stabilize in a new world? That's pushing it, but maybe there's less red tape on the other side.
Still, there's no point in asking for trade negotiations if the stiffs don't have an opening offering. They're really doing Gadget a underhanded way expecting this from a almost-a-teenager. Poor management all around, it's a wonder anything gets done by them.
Keep going! ;)

I keep misreading the title as "Equestrian Hummus"

I hope the Queen got news of the trade-relations plan from the stare-down, because otherwise nobody in Equestria even knows there's a portal.

I read and approve this chapter. :moustache:
Interesting twist but also little confusing as it never was clarified if gadget's wormhole were in "modern day" Equestria or not, which is for the best from a narrative perspective, so this confusion is a good thing.

Huh, is the portal that non-deterministic that the location tends to change? Someone should get a better anchor point!
Life in Equestria shimmers...
While they're busy assimilating into the system, no better time to learn what all is unexpectedly different!
Keep going! ;)

Apparently so. At least they show up in Equestria at all.

Haha, what's a pre-teen gotta do to get some service around here?
Kinda odd her adopted father wasn't there, what was he up to? That kind of blunder could have been avoided with someone with more world experience presence...
Keep going! ;)

The woman in the picture is Sunset Shimmer, right?

No. That's a picture of Gadget that I got from an art giveaway. It's supposed to be a placeholder until I can get better art.

But yeah, I understand where you're getting that idea. The original artist kinda left Fimfiction shortly after drawing this for me.

Yay bureaucracy! What a good time to go back and forth repeatedly and never actually accomplishing anything...
Keep going! ;)

The chapter is so short that fimfiction doesn't believe I finished reading

Hrm. Yeah, I should probably make the next chapter longer then.

oh how I despise that feature... I finish my reading but fimfiction goes all rarity telling me there is still more to read

Yup. That's happened to me too with several of the stories I track.

Ouch Delmar, live within your means! That's a fiscally irresponsible move as they still haven't really found employment or really tried to do the one thing they were sponsored over here to do! There's only so much stalling you can do, and buying a house should not have been one of them... But, this isn't Harry Potter we're talking about, so...
Keep going! ;)

somehow fimfic didnt inform me of these chapters.

good stuff

Well that's one way to start a fight. But how in the world did the receptionist immediately know who she wanted to see? That's kinda creepy...
Keep going! ;)

8471754 Looks and maybe there isnt that many humans in prison. Lets not forget her turning up likely made the news especially being a member of the nobilty and considered dead

Well that's one way to get a mark out out against you. Now we gotta watch out for thugs looking to beat Gadget and Co to getting that trade going!
Keep going! ;)

As for outside thugs alot depends on how much outside contact he has. Gadget might of only been allowed in because she is his daughter and otherwise he isn't allowed any contact.

Not much of a dialog here wonder how Zoey reappearing affects everything. Of course there is still harboring a fugitive. Guessing Gadget got lucky on where she appeared when banished. Others could've found themselves on a desert island, in the ocean, a volcano or even in space

8479169 why not I assume only one horrible fate per victim not that they'd care. Over time probably all that and more happened to various victims. That doesn't include others that might of fond by other humans no idea of how many victims we are talking about

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