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I’m like a literary siren, feeding off the negative emotions of fictional characters. Patreon | Ko-fi

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Howdy! My name’s Krickis, and I don’t know how best to do this so let’s get some bullet points up in this bitch! :yay:

  • I’m a genderqueer transgirl because I gotta be difficult like that, and I go by they/them or she/her pronouns.
  • I write a lot about queer horses, mostly as part of my Who We Become series, and favor realistic romantic drama and hurt/comfort stories.
  • I also swear a lot, both in and out of stories, so maybe not the most kid-friendly person???
  • I reply to comments pretty obsessively. Comment on one of my stories and there’s a 99% chance I’ll reply!
  • I’m polyamorous and a big fan of unconventional relationships.
  • I’m autistic and special interest these damn horses so much that I question if I have a life outside of them anymore :applejackunsure:
  • I'm an admin over at the A/B Testing group, which is a group dedicated to helping authors with titles, descriptions, and cover art ideas. Feel free to come on by and we'll try to help you too!
  • I hang out over at The Rabbit Hell, which is my Discord server, if anyone wants to drop in and talk there :scootangel:
  • Aside from Discord chats and Fimfiction groups, my inbox is always open, but I’m not terribly good at one on one conversations :twilightblush:
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Comment posted by musoperatica deleted Last Thursday

I do, but I don't really have the time to read much right now, and I have a huge backlog of fics I'm trying to make time to read. If you're looking to get someone to read something, I'm not your best bet :twilightsheepish:

You like friendly monster pony fics?

You're very welcome, enjoy yourself on the site! :raritywink:

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