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I’m like a literary siren, feeding off the negative emotions of fictional characters. Patreon | Ko-fi

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Howdy! My name’s Krickis, and I don’t know how best to do this so let’s get some bullet points up in this bitch! :yay:

  • I’m a genderqueer girl because I gotta be difficult like that, and I go by they/them or she/her pronouns.
  • I write a lot about queer horses, mostly as part of my Who We Become series, and favor realistic romantic drama and hurt/comfort stories.
  • I also swear a lot, both in and out of stories, so maybe not the most kid-friendly person???
  • I reply to comments pretty obsessively. Comment on one of my stories and there’s a 99% chance I’ll reply!
  • I’m polyamorous and a big fan of unconventional relationships.
  • I’m autistic and special interest these damn horses so much that I question if I have a life outside of them anymore :applejackunsure:
  • I hang out over at The Rabbit Hell, which is my Discord server, if anyone wants to drop in and talk there :scootangel:
  • Aside from Discord chats and Fimfiction groups, my inbox is always open, but I’m not terribly good at one on one conversations :twilightblush:
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ohhhh :O I had not noticed that, okay!

It was written and complete years ago, but now I’m in the middle of adding chapters in a major update that fills a six-month gap I left in the story. The gap was left because as a novice author I didn’t feel I was good enough to write a slowly developing relationship, so I established it started then jumped ahead to when they were well set in their relationship. I decided to close that gap now that I’m a more competent author, so that the relationship develops more naturally through the story.

If you were to scrutinize the table of contents, you’ll see it jumps from chapter 12 to chapter 16; that’s the gap I’m still filling. If you’re interested in reading the story, the author’s note on the chapter before the gap always warns the reader that they’ve reached said gap, and I move that author’s note every time the story updates so readers don’t have to keep track of it manually. Alternatively, if you’re interested in just reading the whole thing when it’s done, that’s scheduled for August 18 and I’ll make a blog post announcing it when the time comes

Author Interviewer

Idle thought: Is Inner Strength actually incomplete? It's got an Epilogue...

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed Looking Glass :yay: Playing House is a very different ride, but I hope that you’ll like it just as much :raritywink:

I absolutely loved Looking Glass, and I'm starting on Playing House! Can't wait for more, thanks for the amazing read!

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