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I’m like a literary siren, feeding off the negative emotions of fictional characters. Patreon


Who We Become

Almost every story I write is part of the same series, Who We Become. The stories are better collected and organized within the group here rather than anywhere on my user page.

About the author

Howdy! My name’s Krickis, and I don’t know how best to do this so let’s get some bullet points up in this bitch! :yay:

  • I’m a genderqueer girl because I gotta be difficult like that, and I go by they/them or she/her pronouns.
  • I write a lot about queer horses, mostly as part of my Who We Become series, and favor realistic romantic drama and hurt/comfort stories.
  • I also swear a lot, both in and out of stories, so maybe not the most kid-friendly person???
  • I reply to comments pretty obsessively. Comment on one of my stories and there’s a 99% chance I’ll reply!
  • I’m polyamorous and an admin over at the polyamorous discussion group, which is a great place to check out if you're interested in polyamory as an actual lifestyle (rather than just subject matter for shipfics).
  • I’m autistic and special interest these damn horses so much that I question if I have a life outside of them anymore :applejackunsure:
  • I hang out over at The Tiger's Den, which is Pasu-Chan's Discord server, if anyone wants to drop in and talk there. I have my own channel for my WWB fics :scootangel:
  • Aside from Discord chats and Fimfiction groups, my inbox is always open, but I’m not terribly good at one on one conversations :twilightblush:
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Haha seems as good an answer as any :scootangel:

did that rabbit drink a red bull?

Good, I’m glad I was able to :yay: You certainly deserve it :raritywink:

I could have sworn I posted a comment on your Share a Smile blog post, but apparently I didn't. :applejackconfused:

But just wanted to say thank you so very much! That literally made my week, it's been a pretty long one and reading that put a much needed smile on my face.

2402299 Ah well, was worth a try to see if interested ;)

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