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Mellow Mirth

What does the winter bring, if not yet another spring?

Some Mellow Fun Facts (About me)

Time in fandom- Six years
Best Pony- Vinyl Scratch
Favorite Ship- Vinyl x Octavia
New Lunar Republic or Solar Empire- Solar Empire, all hail the sun!!!
Favorite Food- Cheese Cake!
Coffee or Tea- Whisky.
Dogs or Cats- Dogs
Favorite Genre of Music- Any, as long as its not new age country.
Personality Type- INTJ
Sign- Libra
MTG Color- Blue..... Always

Mirth's Shoe Box (personal favorites, any genre.)


This Last Month · 4:47am May 1st, 2017

Hey. Mellow Mirth here, coming at ya' with another blog.

I have never spoke on it in any previous blog, but Its funny that I call myself Mellow Mirth, I struggle, and always have struggled with depression. I bring it up now because its the main reason that I'm just now coming back from an almost month long hiatus.

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About Mellow Mirth (My O.C.)

Name: Mellow Mirth
Species: Unicorn
Colors: Ash Gray, Brown, Crimson
Magic Aura Color: Crimson
Birthplace: Manehatten
Current residence: ????
Previous Occupation: Scroll Keeper: Manehatten Archives
Current occupation: Adventurer

Mellow Mirth's mark has a unique meaning. It represents not any one special talent. Not extremely gifted in anything, but moderate at many things. A Scroll Keeper by trade, Mirth lived in Manehattan for a good deal of years studying magic and traversing the library, before growing weary of the big city. Since leaving Manehatten, Mirth has been traveling Equestria in search of new adventures, ponies, wealth.... And power. Some that claim to have come across him tell of a faint magic Aura emanating from a scroll upon his back....

About Solstice Burst (My Other Half's O.C.)

Name: Solstice Burst
Species: Unicorn
Colors: Light Purple, Solstice Purple, Mystic Blue
Magic Aura Color: Silver
Birthplace: Las Pegasus
Current residence: Canterlot
Previous Occupation: Bouncer for night clubs in Las Pegasus
Current occupation: Canterlot Guard: Combat Magic Instructor

Solstice Burst's mark represents combat magic. Born in Las Pegasus, Solstice worked for a good deal of years as a bouncer for an array of night clubs. Having grown tired of the constant in and outs of night life, and wanting to use her abilities for something greater, she moved to Canterlot to apply for a guard position. She was turned down.... During the Canterlot Changeling Invasion however, her luck would change. After saving a handful of guards from impending doom, she was given a chance to prove herself to The Watch. Since then, Solstice has risen to the rank of instructor, acquired the nick name 'Silver lightning', and is now teaching the new Watch recruits combat magic techniques.

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2420937 :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for making them. :twilightsmile:


2416997 Alright. I have no story in particular. Any will do.

:twilightsmile:2416823 No problem. Just give me a shout via P.M. I would be happy to help.

2416807 I'm OK. I don't have to many shipfic but OK more-or-less looking for people who are willing to review my stories and give feedback on them so I can improve. Pros/cons type of deal.

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