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Hello! This is a group dedicated to the weird, wacky, and just downright strange ships out there. Is your OTP what most people consider a crackship and nothing more? Come on down! Tired of seeing all things Appledash and want something intresting? This group is for you! Is pairing ponies an obsession and you really need to get a life (like me)? Hit that "Join" button! We cater to all sorts of ships! Homosexual or straight! Mane Six or side characters! I'm using way too many exclamation points! Let's get this party started! :pinkiehappy:

First, a few rules:

-No hate or negativity. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but hating on people isn't.
-No inter-Mane Six shipping. That's not really uncommon at all. Also, you can't use Equestria Girls as a loophole. Shipping human Rarity with pony Applejack still counts as inter-Mane Six shipping, as is shipping the HuMane Six with each other.
-No NSFW please. Take your clopfics elsewhere, ya filthy animal, and get your mind out of the gutter!
-I will read through all stories to judge and evaluate the oddity of the ship. Basically, if it's Octascratch, it won't cut it.
-The uncommon pairing must be the main focus of the story. If Fluttercord is in the background, that's fine, but the uncommon ship must be the main focus.

Now go, my children! Release your Fancyjack and Raricord stories! Go shout your ship from the mountaintops (or the forum)! Go ship Gladmane with Ma Hooffield, for all I care! Go! Go!

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