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Since October 2015. I joined a few weeks before the Season 5 finale. I binged the entire show on Netflix in those weeks, and what wasn't on Netflix, I could find on YouTube. Hey! Thanks for the support! I'll join that group (i wuv da fluff).

It seems we are in the same boat. We joined the same day. How long have you been in the fandom? Also, stop on by The Shipshelf sometime. We got the fluff. :rainbowlaugh: Have a nice one. ~Mirth

Just wanted to express my thanks for your adding From Now to Eternity to your list of favorites. :scootangel:

Thank you!

I've been on this site for a while, I just have not made an account.

Why hello there, new FIMFiction user! Welcome to the premiere site for MLP fan fiction!:pinkiehappy:

Sun Swayer, if you have any questions about how the site works, then please don't be afraid to ask me. I'm glad to be of service, and we are all glad that you've joined on!:twilightsmile:

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