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(Sheltie Paws writing) Welcome to NightDiamond! For those who ship Night Glider with Double Diamond! This group was created by not only me, Sheltie Paws, but a friend named Crystal Note as well. (Crystal Note writing) This group was first started when me and Sheltie were looking for a ship to write a story together about. We then decided to write about Night Glider and Double Diamond. Sheltie had to awesome idea to start a group featuring the ship, so here it is!P.S. Our group is new, and so if you don't mind, it would be appreciated if you did a blog post about it with a link in your spare time, so we could get more members!

Rules can be found here!

1. Crystal Note, who really is a founder but there can't be two in one group.
2. Harmonic Brush, a great friend.
(If you would like to be an admin, PM Sheltie or Crystal about it)

I want us all to be a great group supporting a great ship, so let's all stand together and strong like these two!

If anyone has any complaints, please feel free to contact Sheltie or Crystal Note through PM and we will try to resolve the problem. Please do not send us complaints about kicking another user due to personal problems, as it is not our group's problem.

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