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Hello Beautiful!~

Because we're too cool in blue for you...
(Okay not really, we love everyone and the founder herself has a pink coat as her ponysona which is ironic enough.)

This group was inspired by the awesome user Tennis Match Fan and what she commented on the Pretty in Pink group! (Which is a pretty awesome group, by the way!)

Anyways, this is for all our favorite blue mares and stallions or humans in the show and even in Equestira Girls from classic Rainbow Dash, to Sonata Dusk, to even Party Favor!

We even have blue puns for each folder for all this lovely blue ponies!

Also, sorry for the bad banner. I did it in a hurry a bit and used a app called PicCollege on my iPad which is good for colleges and other stuff but awful for stuff like a banner.

1 - All regular FIMFiction.Net rules apply here and on any group for that matter.

2 - Sumbit stories into the correct character folders.

3 - Be nice and friendly in this group and if you have any problems with another member or two or more, just let me the founder or a admin know and we can work something out.

4 - If you're rude or mean, you'll get warned. If we get tired and feel we warned you enough, we'll have to kick you out and block you temporary. If after that more conflict arises, we'll have no choice but to ban/block you forever.

5 - Have fun of course! :rainbowwild:

Hope you all enjoy it here in this cool blue group!

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Whelp everyone, I did a fourth group for the colored ponies thing to compliment the Pretty Pink, Stunning Sliver, and our Beautiful Blue ponies.
It's stupid but... Wonderful in White
Made it in a hurry though so I'll finish it way later people with more folders!

399192 Sure! You just go to members list and there'll be a couple different icons. Next to my name, click on the crown!

Love the folders so far! :pinkiehappy: I'll just go ahead and add a billion Sonata Dusk stories! :rainbowlaugh:


I need that phone case when I actually get my first phone ever...


(By the way, you know how to make people into admins? I want to make you one since you gave me the idea of this group. :rainbowlaugh:
Also, I'm giving each folder a blue pun.)

Who could forget those two? :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you :rainbowlaugh: Though I noticed that Photo Finish is kinda cut off. It's like she's saying "HELLO THERE! I, PHOTO FINISH, IS HERE IN THIS LITTLE CORNER FOR HOW CUT OFF I AM! HELP ME OUT HERE!"
Curse my iPad for that... CURSE YOU IPAD!

399183 Oh yeah, Party Favor and Photo Finish! :rainbowlaugh:

It's so fabulous! :rainbowkiss:


Got it! The banner is terribly done but I got almost all those characters on it and added a few you didn't mention.

List of blue Equestria Girls!
-Rainbow Dash
-Sonata Dusk
-Sunny Flare
-Violet Blurr
-Mystery Mint

Other blue ponies!
-Rainbow Dash
-Diamond Mint
-Autumn Gem
-Mrs. Cake
-The blue spa twin

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