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Yet another group for colored ponies.
This time a drawf color! White! :raritystarry:
Like winter wonderlands galore.

1) Sumbit in right character folder
2) No inapporiate NSFW content so no clop or gore
3) As long as story focuses on the main white pony character (and it's in the right folder) it's fine.
4) No fighting and be respectful to all members
5) Have fun!

White ponies:
Double Diamond
Sweetie Belle
Shining Armor
Princess Celestia
Vinyl Scratch
Princess Celestia's Royal Guards
Nurse Redheart
Twilight Velet

etc I'll list more later if I could.

Other color pony groups:
Beautiful in Blue
Stunning in Sliver
Pretty in Pink

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There needs to be a:
Radical in Red (aka Big Mac)
Glorious in Green (aka Wallflower Blush)
Curious in Cyan (blue/green)
Insightful in Indigo (blue/violet; aka Princess Luna)
Valiant in Violet (bluish-purple)
Precious in Purple (reddish-violet)
Magnificent in Magenta (purple/pink)
Bland in Brown (the rarest “boring” color in a world of pastel color coats; aka Doctor Whooves)
Brilliant in Black

Done that now. I hadn't been on this website in forever.

Now we need a group for the yellow pones.

Right now, I think we could really use a folder for Shining Armor, and Twilight Velvet.


Stunning in Sliver added Gorgeous in Grey in their group name I checked awhile ago. :derpytongue2:

I was about to suggest somebody make a "Gorgeous in Gray" group, but then I remembered that there was a "Stunning in Silver" group.:derpyderp1:

I don't know, I think because of the Stunning in Sliver group this will become a big thing on FIMFiction.
I wanna join on the hype train and join in on the fun because why not? :rainbowwild:

Though you should blame the Pretty in Pink group and the user Tennis Match Fan for inspiring me to do the blue group. :derpytongue2:

Wow, what's with all these groups and their interest in colors?

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