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Night Glider is the pegasus mare that debuts in The Cutie Map—Parts 1 and 2. This group is to serve as a collection of stories featuring Night Glider and as a place to discuss or theorize about her character.

Folder Rules
1. Feel free to add stories to folders they fit into.
2. Night Glider must be a character in the story, whether she's a main character or a supporting character.
3. If a story is added to a folder it doesn't belong in, it may be removed.

All FiMFiction rules apply and remember to be friendly toward each other. It's okay to disagree on something, after all. :twilightsmile:

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy being a part of this group.

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I am new here and Night Glider is my Favourite Character.

Night Glider? I didn't know that was her name! Anyone else thought she was Rumble's sister?
There are already fifteen stories about Night Glider in here
Your creation is fresh. Congratulations! This group earned a listing in New Groups.

Night Glider has beautiful bod :)

Wes #10 · Apr 7th, 2015 · · 1 ·

My god... she's stole my heart :fluttercry:

I think I have a new winner for my Cutest Pony Award.

Joined because: Cools design, and cool name.


Oh I'm always ready for your stories :ajsmug:

393867 Me too, I had since that one preview image. Be ready baby :trollestia:


I already have special ideas for Night Glider *giggles* :trollestia:

393865 :rainbowlaugh: I'm fast just like Rainbow. I'm sure this one will be one of my faves too!


You were faster than me!
AGAIN! by five seconds xD
Anyways, Night Glider will for sure be one of my new fav pegasi

I was waiting for that. Well, it's time! :trollestia:

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