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A group dedicated to the shipping of Big Macintosh and Rainbow Dash. What more could you ask for?

Rules for submitting stories: Ask for permission to add the story to the group, unless you are the author. Make sure that the story contains MacDash and not just hints. If it does not end in MacDash, it cannot be added (unless its sequels contain MacDash, in which case, message me). Message me to add Mature fics. All fics submitted are in the Unsorted group until I move them. You may ask to move them by PMing me (note that I may have not read them yet, so be sure to detail what kind of MacDash it is).

Wanna be a contributor? Message me and we'll talk...

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Hello everyone! I'm back and here is the next chapter for the series Dash's Little Big Secret. I hope you all enjoy the series and the videos. The series finale is coming soon! Thanks for viewing!

Comment posted by ReturnoftheMac deleted Dec 13th, 2016


Oh....well, then....*ahem*....y-you're welcome, friend! feel like a jackass now....

...well, the offer still stands for any new proofreading you'll need in the future.

355139 Couple of months late for that my friend, but thanks for the offer.


Hey, I can help you out, if you want, man. Whaddya' need exactly?


D' heart just exploded from acute, adorable intoxication.

Howdy there, my niggas. Not sure exactly what groups do...or what the attraction in joining one entails exactly...but I'm joining this one. Working on a rather (in my humble opinion) unique, literary take on the two ponies in question right now.

All hail the MacDash...the Red/Blue dichotomy.

This group is getting more popular bye the day

Hey there all, I am looking for a idea bouncer to help with some ideas in my head that I am not too sure on. Just someone who wouldn't mind help flush out a few details.

Send a message please!

330814 Or MacinDash ^^

331237 I posted that on the contest announcement :ajbemused:

Ok I don't want to be rude or anything but, I would have called the group rainbowmac

Who do I message to add my story here?

Is there anyone available to help edit a story? Warning though I am super bad at grammar and spelling. If interested please message me.

329873>I just published what I have so far :eeyup:

329473 I'd other that you'd post them here, no matter of its unfinished, we need more MacDash!

I have currently been writing a MacDasg fic on

Would you prefer that I finish the story and post it here, or update them at the same time? Thanks :rainbowkiss:

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