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Favourite ship ever ... MacinDash That is all you need to know.


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Current Art Feature


Art Goals
[ ] Get a story with my cover art featured by Equestria Daily
[ ] Get a story with my cover art into the Feature Box
[ ] Get a story with my cover art into the Popular Stories section
[ ] Get commissioned for 5 cover arts (4/5)
[ ] Get commissioned for 10 cover arts
[ ] Become a wanted cover artist

Fanfiction Goals
[ ] Get a story featured by Equestria Daily
[ ] Get a story into the Feature Box
[ ] Get a story into the Popular Stories section
* * *
[ ] Have fan art/fiction based on my stories
[ ] Write 100,000+ words in one story
[ ] Write a genre other than Romance
[ ] Write a darker story (Currently on the back-burner)

General Goals
[ ] Reach 50 followers
[ ] Reach 100 followers
[ ] Reach 150 followers
[ ] Reach 200 followers
[ ] Dominate the world with MacinDash (In-progress)

Krystal and Nami are best girlfrineds

Art commissions

Hey, feel free to ask for a commission as I mainly work on art than fanficton. My price list can be found follow this link though they may change. I you'r after something that isn't listed, or are after a large commission for a fanfic cover feel free to message me.

Examples of work I've made is in my little deviantArt widget below for you to look at. I usually provide some updates as I work, unless you request otherwise.

I also have examples of other fanfic covers I've made for other authors including; Jake The Army Guy, Alex Warlorn and tehphillzor of which you'll see in their profiles

Pony Art

Dashie Banner

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2288533 AHHH MG I haven't seen this episode yet, so I just might

(Who doesn't need a college AU with the two sport pony's who compete and end up fucking)

2208214 Wow, thanks for that comment ^^

I don't go on deviantart that much, but I decided to pop on and see what's going on nowadays. Your art really is coming along. Not that you weren't always a talented artist, but your style and skill has evolved and improved from the thirteen year old girl that knew when I first met you a few years ago. Keep drawing and keep writing. I'm seeing a lot more potential from you than I am from most deviants these days. You are actually improving, as apposed to the others who have been drawing for even longer than you have and are not.

2195488 I don't remember that being in Captain America...

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Though I'm less active here than I used to be, I'm very active over on my Tumblr account, it is an 18+ blog so make sure you know what your getting yourself into. I mostly blog about shipping (Reylo and Klance in particular) but it's just a mass of fandoms and content ^^