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It's Hearts and Hooves Day in Ponyville again and Rainbow Dash is alone again this year, but not from a lack of trying. She had set her sights on the non-talkative brother of her best friend? Will she find a way to get the Earth Pony's attention?

Many side pairings in this story not going to tag them all just yet but there is SoarinJack, PinkieCaramel, and of course MacDash. Please no flames and if you think you can help me improve please message me.

Thank you jszellmer for the edits, tomColt15 for the cover art, and KarmaDash for bouncing ideas around.

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Oo.... MacDash and SoarinApple?

At first, Rainbow hated the fact that she was making her take breaks as if she was too weak to do the same work he did.


She was determined, however and began to speed through the orchard looking for him.

Needs another comma after however.

Big Mac however just grinned from ear to ear after this kiss, his face turning another shade of red deeper.

Same thing, commas before and after however.

D'aww! This is so cute! So far, we have:

1.FlashLight- a ship that I surprisingly love, considering how undercooked it was in the movie.

2. SoarinJack- an oldie, but a goodie.

3. CaraPie- a good one, ever since Windfall did it.

4. RariPants(hur)- I usually like the idea of Fleur and Fancy being a happily married couple, sort of the exception to the rule about high-class marriages, but this works fine.

5.FlutterBurn- Huh, a ship I've never seen before. Nice!

And, of course, MacDash, the One-True Pairing. Rainbow needs someone levelheaded and rational to balance her out, someone to let her rant and vent about whatever issue she has while offering simple "eeyups." A strong character that can allow Rainbow to "let her shields down" around and be vulnerable. Since I dislike Inter-mane Six shipping, Mac works perfectly. I love how you have him stuttering like a schoolboy. This... huh, now that I think about it, this is pretty much how I envisioned them hooking up in the backstory for my fic, Under A Luminous Sky.

Faved because Dashie is cute beyond reason when she lets herself be! Can't wait for more! :ajsmug:

Dear god, I love portmanteaus...

Awww yisss, two new ones in one day.

3534464 Ooops. Looks like a few got past the old editing cordon. :twilightoops:

A bit... eh... I understand the mayority of the story, some commas would be nice and I like the Idea. It almost look like my idea of a fic of them...

3534464 :pinkiegasp:Are you impling that you, will write a prequel where they become a couple?:pinkiehappy:

I agree with you, except that I believe Mac will take the first step and Rainbow will had a dificult time accepting her feelings. But their relationship will come a little clumsy...

I can explain myself in spanish. sorry if I confuse both of you.:twilightblush:

There's a fanfic here where RD completely gives up on Mac precisely because she can't get him to talk. "He's not worth it", she says. :rainbowlaugh:

3534388 Love the link! Thank so much and I hope not to disappoint.

3534464>>3534956 What the hell?! I changed all of those edits! Damn it google docs! I will have to back through and re-edit...Great day for the ADD meds to run out.

Jake- Glad you like the pairings! Yea...I kind of just chose a random pony for Rarity because I din't know what pairings people like her with. :derpyderp1:

*Re-Reads* Under A Luminous Sky Did I seriously just copy that? Damn it subconscious! Oh well...unofficial prequel? Jk

Pretty good so far. I am looking forward to seeing how the date goes. I enjoyed the imagery of Mac being even further thrown off his normal attitude since he had to literally run around town to find her.

3536533 I am glad you enjoy it so far.

Oooh I can't wait for the rest, will I get another sneak peak :pinkiecrazy:

I love it, give me more and I might spare your mailbox's life.

SO MUCH YAY! :yay: I like most of the ships....Mainly MacDash... Das some adorable shiet right dere... And your writing style is something i really like about this fic. THOU HAS EARNED A FOLLOWER! NOW FINISH THE 2ND PART! NOW! I COMMAND THEE!:flutterrage:

3536287 I'm blaming googledocs, otherwise I will have to commit seppuku for failing in my duties as an editor. :fluttershbad:

3537872 Please don't do that! We will blame Google Docs...but it is not letting me do the edits...really all I want to fix is that she he thing. ARGH! :flutterrage:

Ha. Adorable. NEXT.

3538456 I will try to get on it as soon as possible, just think of this as a dramatic pause.

Heh, half expected RD to corkscrew into the sky shouting ''YES!!'' at the end there.

*squeals* *intakes massive amount of breath for a huge scream*


3543234 I take it you might like this story. :eeyup:

3543251 Indeed I may, but then again, I may not, BUT maybe I do... or don't.

I for one love a good MacDash story.:pinkiesmile:

Soarinjack is an oldie I don't see much of these days, so it's refreshing to see it once more. {It's one of my fav pairings.}

Caramel/Pinkie is another uncommon ship. I have no real feelings on it to be truthful.

Rarity/Fancypants. I kind of prefer him with Fleur, but it's alright.

Flashlight and Twilight...That's just OTP material. :pinkiehappy: {Only Discord/Celestia is better.}

Fluttershy and Braeburn? Other then a picture or two, I've never seen it before. Lovely idea. :raritywink:

Keep up the good work.

3543392 Thanks so much! I was 100% truly guessing a ship with Rarity. Now I have found that some people like her with Thunderlane so I am giving that a look. Glad you enjoy it so far!

How Carmel even asked Pinki on

Missing an e there good lad.

And now onto my reaction to this chapter.

Hehe, this is stuff funny even if I read most or if post-posting :pinkiehappy:

P.S Do you think that Rainbows newest face should become an emote?

Now he was almost hoping that Soarin and Applejack might be in love so that Soarin had to ask him for permission to marry his sister. Hopefully, he will get word of the soon to be proposal beforehoof so he can make sure Braeburn and a few other Apple stallions were in town to really scare the Pegasus.

Now that would be absolutely hilarious to see. I really like the idea of Mac protecting his family like this.

Wait!, how does Pinkie knows? Did she follow him?

3592595 If you mean this chapter, you are to late about that. Appledash's fans already have it.

3592595 What new face would that be by any chance?

Also, yay more of Mac comically being a jerk to Soarin.

that girl is crazier than a bag full of weasels

You have no idea what you're talking about.

Rubbing her forehead where the point of collusion had happened

She has a secret/illegal conspiracy/cooperation on her forehead?...yes that is what collusion means.
Collision is what you're looking for

3593336 Yes she does have a secret on her forehead called "I Love Big Mac" :rainbowkiss::eeyup:

Thanks! I will change that now.

3593362 its not much of a secret anymore

3593378 But it is written in Russian. Super tired, just making things up now.

3592915 Not sure if you are complementing me or not lol.

3593383 get to sleep, drink some coffee, jump into a cold shower. Do something

3593451 Sleep is for the weak! Also having to be at work at 5am might have something to do with it...

3592915 Nay; she is as crazy as TWO bags of weasels, stuffed into a much LARGER bag full of weasels.

3593566 All suffering from a sugar rush.

Today was Hearts and Hooves Day.

I believe you mean Singles Awareness Day, my fine sir :moustache: (Not really, but I had to say something.)

Also, yeah, FlutterBurn is a new one for me! Thanks for the new pairing!

Caramel Apple. Super spy.:eeyup:

... It seems that your mailbox will live another week... Good for you.

3594413 Or you could message me. I dont mind pms. You might get a inside look at what i am doing...

OH GOSH! New Pinkie Pie head canon accepted! XD

3596112 Yes, you are right. I posted this when I only had four hours of sleep.

... Well alright then... Right on.

3595372 Um...what? I'm sorry I am so bad with the termonalogy here.

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