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Why do I write? Because I can't draw! I write mainly as an outlet, and don't take it too seriously. If you like what I write, awesome! If not, that's cool too.


Rainbow Dash gets the chance of a lifetime when she receives a letter inviting her to the Wonderbolt's training camp for tryouts! With her now coltfriend Big Macintosh in her corner, as well as her five best friends, Dash is determined to make her dreams come true! As she discovers certain obstacles in her path, how much will she sacrifice in order to realize her ultimate goal? Will her relationship with Macintosh survive her ambitions?

Featured on Equestria Daily.

A direct sequel to At Home On The Range.

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Yay glad to see its finally here

576615 Thats right! And it will CONSISTENTLY update once every week.

Great start! Oh boy adding in a love triangle as well... this isn't going to end well.

o shit....... a catfight for Big mac......:pinkiegasp:

It's up and already awesome! Instant favourite!
I'm guessing Dash's face to the letter was something like this --> /):rainbowkiss:(\
But uh oh, love triangle inbound! At least it's not FlutterDash, that would have annoyed me...for some reason...dunno why really :rainbowhuh:

saw that ending coming right from the line when you mentioned fluttershy didn't have a full night sleep as well... Either your foreshadowing is rusty or I have read WAY to many fics :P

Great story btw !

I've read enough fanfiction to know where this is going?

Fluttershy and Rainbow "Best Pony" Dash competing for Big Mac's attentions? *Steeples fingers* Eeehxcellent.

Glad to see this story arrive! This is gonna be good. :pinkiehappy:

To be honest, "Derpy" is a nonsense name much like "Scootaloo" - the word doesn't actually mean anything in our society, beyond a vague internet term, and that would be doubly applicable in pony society - whilst "Ditzy" is clear in meaning; describing someone as clumsy, stupid and/or air-headed. I always prefer Derpy.

Also, it's good to see this here!

Fluttershy/Big Mac/Dash love triangle? Sounds good.

So they've kept it a secret from everyone, does that include AJ?

576743 not so much a secret, just that they haven't really said anything to anypony about it. AJ thinks something's going on, but she hasn't confronted them about it yet.

What're you talking about? I named all my children Derpy.

That's gotta be confusing during the holiday season, kinda like how George Foreman named all his kids George. :derpytongue2:

Yay! Very glad to see a sequel emerge to At Home. And right off the bat, we're seeing some delicious seeds of conflict. I'm super-excited to see where this goes. Insta-watched!


I loved the first one and i cant wait for more of this one.
i always loved :fluttershysad:+:eeyup: but now my new head canon is :rainbowderp:+:eeyup: you have changed my head canon :pinkiegasp:
anyway enough with the :yay: your :rainbowderp:+:eeyup: are 20% more awesome then the rest lol

anyway cant wait for more your loyal and loving fan Lord Stormy Sky

LOVE TRIAGNLE too bad i saw it comeing but hey its awsome you normaly supirse me any way.

i call her ditzy as well with derpy being a nick name of sorts.

Big Mac will soon be left in the dust when the feelings of RainbowShy become too much. Mac will instead wind up dating Spitfire. Or this story might take a plausible route that makes much more sense. I'm hoping for the latter.

oh my glob you guys drama bomb:pinkiegasp:

Hmmm either Fluttershy likes Big Macintosh or Rainbow Dash.

She clearly said that she was going to confess her feelings for Mac

"*Regardless of whichever name you choose to address our wall-eyed muffin queen, I think we can all agree there is no way any sane, loving pony parents would name their daughter Derpy. Although Ditzy isn't much better... But Faust has decreed that either name is acceptable."

SOUNDS like someone has forgotten about Diamond Tiara's father... and grandfather...

Eh, I saw the love triangle coming. That's not to say this won't be any less awesome though.

577053 Sorry I was skimming through it before heading out to do some errands.

The chapter was great but something that concerned me was i pre-read this chapter last night and the grammar revision i made wasn't there. I just want to know if my email with the revised version didn't make it through. Specifically i mean right before dash meets mac and it says " She grinned, flying towards him, sure she didn't notice her above him." it should be "he didnt notice her" because your referring to mac not noticing her flying. Unless that was just very miniscule and you decided not to change it. I just want to make sure i did my job :twilightsheepish:

Oh? So I don't need to send in my copy.
That's cool.

just as i expected a really awesome story, and god that love triangle i just cant wait to see what is goning to happen :pinkiehappy:

awwww yeah! Time for some more awesomeness

I'm calling Rainbow Dash tells everyone she's going to be a Wonderbolt and then ends up not making it in the tryouts.

577861 Chapter 1 is a test against my current pre-reader, please send it if you have it.

577492 The decision hasn't been made, I sometimes neglect corrections, as I was editing this really late last night. You know grammar, that is for certain!

I would like to formally announce my support for :rainbowdetermined2::heart::eeyup:

Your last story has made it my headcanon. I even used it for my story. So yeah, go RD!

578693 I went to your user page. Where yo stories is? I too love :rainbowdetermined2::eeyup: (if that wasn't obvious).


Well, I did have it up here, but I moved to GDocs. Just like the interface better. I'm resubmitting to EqD this weekend, and if I make it, I might move back here.

Here's the link to the prologue: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fjlnV3sAAi5v6WN9bOXK8KFHq6KASGhraltiCQVp89g/edit?pli=1

Be somewhat warned, it's a dark/ HiE fic.

:rainbowdetermined2::heart::eeyup: Doesn't show up until chapter three. Here it is, if you want to skip: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iklATEf7vLfytY9UhJ4EIWk9rh0r9zMHU0SMGfdLK_s/edit

Just a quick mention right now, but it will become a major plot point eventually. Actually, since I have you here, I had planned, if you're okay with it, to have HoTR be the "back story" to their relationship. No flashbacks or anything, just a off-hand mention of them getting together after a cattle drive.

578758 I don't mind at all. I'll take a look at it soon, and good luck getting posted on EQD!

Didn`t even read story, and faved the f**** out of it.

Oh Fluttershy...:fluttercry:

I think the word ditzy just sounds cute in general. In any case, I can only wonder how this love triangle will turn out. Frequent misunderstandings? :trixieshiftleft: Settled in one chapter? :trixieshiftright: Can't wait for next chapter.

576714>>578664 Derpy implies accident-prone, while Ditzy implies air-headed. Guess which one I prefer.

You piece of shit. How did I know that you would do this and make a love triangle? Whelp. Time to have my emotions ablaze for the next few weeks.


Man, a love triangle? Totaly fave


I've been waiting for this.

why have I waited so long to watch you? Luckily this brought my attention to my mistake :eeyup:


Aw, sweat! Didnt know you were gonna make a sequel! :pinkiegasp:

576675 dat face.:eeyup:

"No sane pony's parents would ever curse their foal with a name like Derpy." BRAVO!!!!*claps*:derpytongue2::twilightsmile:

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