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Why do I write? Because I can't draw! I write mainly as an outlet, and don't take it too seriously. If you like what I write, awesome! If not, that's cool too.


Rainbow Dash finally did it! A sonic rainboom on command! Except she also managed to break every window in Applejack's farmhouse in the process. Now she has to pay for each one, and with her wages from managing the weather not nearly enough to cover the damage, she has to work on Applejack's farm for two whole weeks!
Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Still, maybe it wouldn't be all bad. At least she would get to hang out with her friend AJ right? Wrong.

5-star featured on Equestria Daily.

Sequel: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/4620/Breaking-Barriers

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yay a good macdash...... this ship is the best....

looking forward for the next chapters and happy hearth warming

Comment posted by XxTestName69xX deleted Dec 23rd, 2018

Big Mac is my favorite pony. All he needs to say is "yep" and he won me over.

As soon as I saw that this was a MacDash fic, I already knew I was going to like it.

Now, you have an interesting dynamic here. Typical, but their character conflict is going to be the best part of the fic, I can already tell. The fun part is watching it unfold. :pinkiehappy:

I'll be here until the end. :moustache:

Seeing the possibility of another of the rare MacDash I had to give this one a shot damn good thing I did. Keep it up man

That's so rainbow dash!:rainbowlaugh:
liked the way you ended. I did the same thing for my story the Insecurity. Worked really well.:raritystarry:
Maybe, just maybe, a tiny bit more description on the scene with the hat.

Chap. 2 anytime soon?
:eeyup::rainbowderp: These 2 go so well together...

86589 Thanks! Happy hearthswarming, christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa, festivus to all!
86761 He's such an enigmatic character, its like he's a blank slate to work with. Also, he is one of my favorite non mane 6 ponies.
86923 Yeah, there have been so many ship fics that focus on similarities like FlutterxMac, so I figure opposites attract!
87004 Thanks much! I agree it's a rare pairing. it was hard enough to find good cover art, and I still feel like Rainbow's eyes are weird looking in that pic.
87098 Chapter 2 will be out, but no specific timeframe. I've got a couple hundred words down already, but Discords reign is my current focus. this was actually just a quick write I did for a warm up one day that I thought had potential.

Thanks for the positivity guys/gals!:twilightsmile:

I am disturbed by cattle slavery. :applejackunsure:

Perhaps taking the cattle back to their temp agency would work better?

Yeah, I'm pretty much glossing over the fact that the cows can talk and are sentient. plus the animal-heirarchy sounds like another fic altogether.:rainbowlaugh:


I think the cows just go with it. They'e getting protection in exchange for their milk. I'd imagine them as being very docile and lax about the subject.

Which would explain the absence of bulls. :trixieshiftright:

I'm liking this so far, hope to see more from you soon :twilightsmile:

lol, another good chapter, looking forward to the next one :twilightsmile:

Such a rare combination! I really like this story; very entertaining. Keep at it!

You've caught my interest. When 90% of shipping fics these days are "Why do I have these strange feelings when I see XX?", this is a relief to read.

Please, continue.

This chapter did not disappoint .Keep it up!

All right! Another update day! I'm SO HAPPY!:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Count me as a follower. I'm also partial to MacDash. I think my favorite part is that after the second chapter, they are barely cordial. So many romance fics, regardless of the characters involved, just rush it. Its good to read a story with a sense of pacing that doesn't just pull the love at first sight routine. I'm also a fan of the subtle inclusion of little stringers that may or may not lead anywhere. I wanna know what the mystery item is, and I wanna know now :applecry:

Keep up the good work, it's appreciated.


Yeah, I always noticed that most of the popular fics are just a bit rushed, or use some of those old cliches 119821 and 121426 mentioned.

This is new, I already followed, start pumping those chapters out!:eeyup:

Anyone else have this show as three chapters on Bronius' page, but then only two when you try to read? I get my hopes up every time ...

Hole-ee Christ, this is bloody brilliant! I cannot wait for the next chapter! Actually, I can, take as long as you want. I would feel terrible if I mad you rush. Best wishes!

I have a huge complaint. You don't write fast enough!

Other than that, I like the story. You really portray the characters quite well, and so far it's been a fun little story. I'm looking forward to the rest of the fic.

I hate rattlers. They're a pain to deal with...
Eager to see how this plays out.

and that's why cowboys wear boots.

Question: Can't the cattle in MLP talk?

Boy howdy, that stallion has no luck at the moment does he?

161790Thanks! Not to worry, I make every effort to release the chapter when it is up to par. Unfortunately this can result in some inconsistent update patterns. :fluttercry:
161795 Ah, yes. The time I have to write is somewhat limited by outside influences, as well as that other fic I've got going that's nearing completion. After it's done however, this will be updated a lot more frequently.
162239 Yes, but for the sake of this fic, they keep to themselves. That may be lazy writing on my part but screw it.

I'm glad y'all are enjoying the ride!

Very good chapter!
I wonder how much responsibility Rainbow's gonna have after that venom spreads...
I hope Mac's got a remedy...

And then it became a matter of life and death for Big Macintosh. Hopefully Rainbow Dash can save him.

...on second thought, he's doomed.:fluttercry:

Just thought I'd like to say that it'd be nice to see Big Macintosh see that there's more to Rainbow Dash than just a loudmouthed athlete. It'd be a great development point for him. :twistnerd:

Big Badass Macintosh!


I love seeing that blue cutie pie with the tender arms of a stallion moving all over her. :rainbowkiss:

Rainbow. Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow. Pride inevitably cometh before a smack in the teeth with a wet fish!

Go Rainbow go! Prove those jackflanks who call you lazy wrong :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome chapter, Bronius. Really awesome. I've dealt with snakes in my life, being born in Texas and going on many a camping trips. Looking forward to next chapter.

"Unless you're chicken like your little buddy Scootaloo!"


So RD's got a fear of needles?:rainbowderp:
I hope Big Mac gets better too!
I mean he will get better, right?:ajsmug:
Nice chapter! I'll always be hoping for more soon, right?:pinkiehappy:


Trouser snake antivenom, Really?

A proud, inexperienced pegasus and a KOed ton of pure, muscle VS a pack of hungry Coyotes. This does not bode well.

180610 They called me a madman when I told them I could write a cheap dick joke in an MLP fanfic. Well who's laughing now?! Mwahahahaha!

Seriously though, you're the first person who noticed,(or at least called me on it) so you get one free internets. Congratulations!


Woohoo, I earned a free internets!

BTW, I believe that trouser snake antivenom is called spermicide.

Oh man this is really good. I am glad I decided to read this. Although I noticed a little spelling error in it.

Rainbow perked up, now she was talking her language.

I think you mean that HE was talking her language. Confused me when I first read it but after re-reading it I realized what it meant. Just something to edit if you have free time. I shall continue to read the rest of this awesome story.

189582 Thanks much for the point out! I have a pre-reader but sometimes little things like that slip past the both of us. Glad you're enjoying the story so far!

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