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Been gone a while...years in fact... · 4:40pm Apr 15th, 2020

So yeah, I've been gone for...years.
I love pony but I admit I stopped watching around season 6 because I just didn't like the direction they were going. I read fanfiction instead.
That said I haven't written any fanfiction, that I enjoy.
I started a little something a while ago but it didn't go nowhere so maybe I will post it maybe I won't.
I've been working on a personal project not pony related in the intervening years....


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Hey, Twizzler, thanks for adding my story Fallout Equestria: Clockwork Precision to your favs. :raritystarry: I hope you enjoy the read. :twilightsmile: I've gotten back into a regular schedule, but I hope in the coming months to increase my rate of release. Only time will tell how things go. If you have any questions, or critiques, I'm all ears!

Thanks for the fave! I just hopped on my device to check in and saw you post 12 seconds ago, (because, y’know—fimfic is a lot more fun than my stinkin’ paperwork!)

Hi There!
Thank you for the favorite on Fallout: Equestria - Dead Tree

Dropping an upvote and leaving comments really helps with getting it seen by others on FiM, if you could I would appreciate it and I reply to ALL the comments; even those citing typoes (helps me fix it).

If you wanna come bug me, feel free to come on discord.

Yay, thanks a lot for the favorite! :yay:

Thanks for showing interest in my FoE fic, hope you enjoy!

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