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Twilight rushes home one evening due to a horribly embarrassing event that has just transpired in her life. When Spike finally gets her to talk about it, she tells him of her newly found crush, and how she may have messed up any chance she had at a relationship. With the advice from her number one assistant and friend Applejack, can Twilight fix what happened and get a second chance with her crush?

First fanfic I've written, and a one shot at that. A sequel is in the works if this goes over well!

Credit for the image goes to cartoonlion on deviantart.


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TwiMac is best ship! Loved it, can't wait for the sequel!

Thanks! I wrote this with a sequel in mind, so hopefully I'll be getting on that pretty soon. It will most likely be a multi-parter, once I figure out how story is generally going to go. There will be more of the Mane Six in there, too! Glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:

And it would seem I don't know how to make a proper linked reply :derpytongue2:

:fluttercry: .....so.......beautiful................

This was very nice, I look forward to the sequel.

Yay for possible sequel!:yay:

742945 there is a reply button in the top right corner of the comment boxes :twilightsmile:

Also amazing fic :twilightblush::heart::eeyup:

Lol thank you! I wasn't sure if that would work because it shows all those weird numbers. :facehoof:

(\ Brohoof to you as well, and thanks!

Thank you!

And to the ones looking forward to the sequel, I'm looking forward to writing it. Thanks for the feedback, guys!

A TwixMac story. I shall expect to see more great works like this later with this pairing. That is all

Great story here! TwiMac is one of my favorites! :twilightsmile::heart::eeyup:

I dont always read random shipping fics but when I do I read twimac or fluttermac. Stay Bronies my friends



I honestly think I would have wept a bit if you didn't plan on doing a sequel. This was such a touching story, and while not my favorite ship, TwiMac is always welcome. I find it a rather interesting prospect to think about what Twilight being a part of the Apple family would mean not only for the present, but the future (i.e. marriage and foals). Not to say that's what your sequel would have planned. Just thoughts that come into my head that I like to mull around.

Moving on, I find it sad that stories like this don't get more recognition and instead spots on the feature box, where this belongs, often get taken up by meta-fics and troll fics.

I like most ships with the mane 6 and big mac, except Applejack because incest is just wrong...
Anyway... Nice twimac fic! I felt my hearth melt over the whole story and I'm sure I will read this fic another time, when I feel like it.

:twilightsmile::heart::eeyup: Good, very good.

This is an amazing story. You ever consider adding it to other groups to pick up some more viewers? You definitely deserve it.

746114 Great idea, I actually meant to do that but completely forgot. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

This made my day. The first thing I do in the morning is start reading a story, I'm glad it was this one today.

This is absolutely fantastic. The fanfics need more TwiMac! :eeyup::heart::twilightsmile:

Retrieves Cleaver Shunk here have a thumb. great story. sequal is not optional.:eeyup:

Honestly, my favorite pairing has always been Fluttershy/Big Mac.
But that did not stop me from enjoying a very well written story. I tip my hat to you, good sir. I eagerly await the sequel.

743694 I too, am confused by the numbers. Ah, well. Good story.:eeyup::moustache:

Ah....This story is awesomesuase.

This was very good, I can't wait for the sequel. :twilightsmile::heart::eeyup:

You're cover image is by cartoonlion, Here's the link to it: http://fav.me/d3g6dkl

Awsome story! There needs to be more TwiMac OuO

Nice... that was really nice

This is wonderfully well done. Twilight is herself (as neurotic as she can be sometimes- lots of ponies and people get like that now and then), Mac is very Mac (I love how you sort of wove an explanation for his usual conciseness in. I almost didn't realize.), and the whole thing is just nicely assembled.

The pacing is good, the flashbackness is good, and I really like that you were able to put dialogue in without resorting to the overused 'he said' 'she said' repeating themselves- referring to the characters by their appearances or natures instead of simple pronouns, for the sake of variation and holding interest.

That Granny Smith moment at dinner was worth a giggle too.

Gonna keep an eye on this and the sequel, love your work. Keep writing!:twilightsmile:

Thanks to everybody who's been commenting and liking the story! I just submitted it to Ponychan for an edit, in hopes that I can get it on EQD sometime soon. I haven't begun work on the sequel yet, but I believe I've finally thought of how it's going to flow. All I was lacking was some conflict (because really, there's not much conflict in the Ponyverse), but I've finally come up with a pretty solid idea. I'll probably start writing it in the next few days, and it will be a multi-parter!

TwiMac is now tied for my favorite shipping (with FlutterMac). Sequel please! :twilightsmile:

TwiMac is now tied for my favorite shipping (with FlutterMac). Sequel please! :twilightsmile:

The first chapter is written! And the second one is in progress. After some editing, it will be up. So it's on its way!


Can't wait to read more when the sequel comes up. :) Keep up the good work!

oh sweet luna i think this is the best story ive read in a long time loved it :pinkiehappy:


Well, that was adorable beyond all reason.

Epic Granny of Epicness had better get moar screen-time in the sequel! xD

I had the stupidest grin on my face while reading this :pinkiehappy:
It was so sweet and awkward that you couldn't help but love it.:twilightblush:

bravo, my new fav TwiMac story.... Bravo:heart::heart::heart::twilightsmile::eeyup:

An adorable story, with only one thing I really disliked.

I hate how every goddamn fanfiction has Pinkie shatter the fourth wall. I really do. It kills any immersion in the story and makes me lose a little respect for the author.
Sure, it may be cute once in a while, but when you can't go two chapters without a "For the audience! DUH!" or "Silly filly, the author said so!" it gets really old really fast.
The fourth wall's there for a reason people. :twilightangry2:


Otherwise, a thoroughly enjoyable story. Very few (if any) noticeable technical problems. I don't know why, but I really enjoy TwiMac ships. Seems to make more sense to me than Rari- or FlutterMac. :twilightblush::heart::eeyup:

Normally I preffer Fluttershy for Mig Mac but I hadn't considered the "too quiet for each other thing". It makes sense when you think about it. I like to balance things out in shipping, which is part of the reason I'm not a huge fan of the AppleDash pairing.

Wow, this is excellent. Definitely gets a spot on my user page wall of great shipping stories.

Glad I saw the sequel go by in the featured box earlier.

That... was TwiMacLicious. :twilightsmile::eeyup:

A decent story. Not the best I've read but it's you've certainly done a good job considering this is your first fic.

There are a couple of problems I spotted at the beginning of the story.

First off, when Twilight said "a drink", everyone there seems to automatically know she meant alcohol, which you've later said was an unusual occurance. A drink could mean a simple cup of water, since for all Spike knew at the time, she just ran a marathon or had to rush home because she had something important to do. So basically, on one side, you say she drinks sand on the other, you say she doesn't. Contradiction in narration tends to damage a story.

Next, your mention of dragons. At one point, you say Spike was reading a book on the History of Dragons. In the episode Dragon Quest, they had practically stated that the library was devoid of any information on dragons, and considering the contents of that episode, for all intents and purposes, the four in the episode knows more about dragons than anypony else, having been amongst the few to have actually seen one up close. And I doubt that there would be whole books written within the year of that event, much less on the history of dragons.
Now, it is an interesting take that Applejack's parents are off travelling, it is different than the usual "they are dead" interpretation. However, again, the issue of having traveled to the draconic lands rises. As far as I can tell, they're not exactly welcome there, and dragons are "too scary" to approach. The implication being that ponies tends to stay as far away from dragons as they can get. Of course, you could argue that AJ's parents are risktakers or just really likes to travel everywhere, but for some reason, I doubt they would take such a risk, especially when they would be leaving behind three admittedly self-sufficient children.

So like I said, pretty good for your first fic, but there are a few details you'll need to watch out for.

Just finished reading Treasure in the West, and I find a reference in this story. Coincidence? I think NOT.

Exceptionally nice story. Nice ship, if a bit awkward. I'll have to read the sequel.

Truly adorable... this was worth it for drunk-twi alone. One of my betas had asked me if I could write a tipsy-Sparkle in "A Canterlot Courtship, but I think I'll just send her here, because this was totally cute.

A TwiMac story? And it's Well-Written? FAVORITED

It took me a few days to read this whole thing because I get home in the evening and I wanted to give this the attention it deserves. Would have liked to see more reaction from Applebloom, but I was grinning through just about all of the latter half. Will definitely read the sequel


1119154 Thank you so much for devoting time to my fic. It means a lot, so that earns you a badge of pure :rainbowkiss:

I'm not usually one for the shipping stuff, but I gotta say, that was pretty good.

I shall never again look at a bottle of Sparkling Cider the same again.

*Cut to a few days later of me, adoring look on my face as I hold a bottle of Sparkling Cider in the middle of the store.*



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