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Why do I write? Because I can't draw! I write mainly as an outlet, and don't take it too seriously. If you like what I write, awesome! If not, that's cool too.


Twilight had always been a diligent researcher. She would routinely pour over every book she had at her disposal in preparation for every royal assignment. Except, sometimes books can only teach one so much. With this heretical idea in mind, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash decide to take it upon themselves to make sure Twilight keeps her wings clean, and doesn't embarrass herself in the sky.

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Hey, this is the one I never got around to :pinkiehappy:


:pinkiesad2: sorry...

That title ... ohmaigosh, that's a reference to two things at once, isn't it? There's the thing in MLP, and the thing that that thing in MLP references
Woah. Reference-ception.
Now to read.

anyone also dawwww when they first saw that picture?:twilightsmile:

2159244 It's okay, this one was no big deal. It was a spur of the moment type fic.

You're not sending me fics any more.

I feel... unnecessary.

"Got a delivery for a Rainbow Dash, one hive of killer bees?"

What R U doin'?


The wild Dashies can't get you there.:twilightoops:

2159328 I'm not sending you spur-of-the-moment fics anymore. Honestly, gdocs is how I do most fics now. Also, everytime I send you a fic, I feel like I'm distracting you... I know this many not be the case, but I kinda feel bad, especially when I rush you like I do. I have fics that need editing, I just didn't want you to get bogged down with my stuff if you were trying to get some done on works of your own. :ajsleepy:

You're my first editor and I still keep you listed as such on my profile, I just usually have time lines I like to be met, and you're generally busy with advancing your college career. I just didn't want to make you have to choose between ponying pony or another hobby you might have/enjoy. :pinkiesad2:

forgiveness pls.

The idea of a WingFic on it's own is silly, even moreso when exactly one third of the population has wings. And you also forgot one other detail: The wing-pit (basically like an armpit for a wing) is only to be touched by the mate of the pony in question.. It has no effect on preening and really has no purpose beyond entertainment.

It's been a while since I read The Prince, but Machiavelli wasn't exactly the friendly type as I recall.

2159374 Pfft. You kidding me? I have exactly three classes this semester. Three. I've got more free time than I know what to do with. And, unfortunately, I'm still not very good at using it wisely.

Hell, I could probably use some pressure, if for no other reason than to whip me back into shape.

Lollers, that story was funny. And sweet at the same time.

:twilightangry2: Dash, I quit!
:rainbowhuh: Sorry Twi, I got carried away. You can stop now, we don't have to do this.
:twilightsmile: It's ok, I forgive you.


:twilightblush: Hey Rainbow, about those crazy flying lessons...
:rainbowdetermined2: You realized that you want them even though they're scary. Rainbow Dash's flying training of awesome step two: Put on this blindfold!
:twilightoops: Wait, what? No, I mean yes, but-RAINBOW!

How to Pegasus, the fic

2159637 Bro, do you even soar?


I find your knowledge of the matter...disturbing

Hah! This title. I like it, and enjoy the pun.

2159989 Thanks! What did you think of the fic overall?


No clue, Tl;dr!

And yeah, I'm being one of those jerks that we both hate. The kind that comments on a story, tells you nothing about it, never reads it, and then vanishes. You've been in The Box before and should be used to it by now.


I could break the trend....

Very nice one-shot. There are a few errors I'd like to point out, though.

Rainbow drug a hoof across her face more than once


"And I don't expect you too. We'll only go as high as you feel comfortable, okay?"


Her wings were as sensitive as any other pegasus'


This was awesome!!! I'm wondering if you've considered a follow up to this story because even though I know it was meant as a one shot based off that picture. ;) This story was soo masterfully done it almost deserves one because of how you portrayed twilight and her feelings on becoming a princess.


Her wings were as sensitive as any other pegasus'


Actually, it's pegasi's

Actually, he could say Pegasai's if he wants to look fancy and is from America.

And I'm not sure, but it might be capitalized since its addressing a species' ownership.

Back to my hole.

OhmygoshSpikeisfinallygrowingwings! AWSOME!!!
I know this story's not actually canon :fluttercry:, but still awsome!

AAAAAAAAND it hit the featured box. Nice job, dude.

Rainbow? no... nonono.... I don't like that look on your face Rainbow! Stop looking at me like that!


I'd go with "dodge the confusion altogether" and just phrase it "her wings were as sensitive as those of any other pegasus".

2159801 It disturbs me too.

A quick, lovely read that simultaneously dealt with the issues of how Twilight might deal with having wings and how her friends treat her in her new form.
I could easily see this becoming an episode (barring the wingboner bit).

2160019 as someone else who's also been in the feature box, you should know that being in it does not make or break an author. I wrote it to hear entertain, as well as hear what other readers and authors thought of it overall.

I guess I value the opinions of authors as well as readers, but fellow authors opinions sometimes carry a bit more weight.

2160107 I am/want to do both of those things! Pegasai's it is!

2160020 thanks for the corrections!

Please please please do more on this

Rainbow sighed. "She's a lost cause."

Nice to know what you really think of Fluttershy, Rainbow. :trollestia:

Yay! Flying lessons!

Really well done; I think you captured Twi's neuroticness perfectly! :twilightsmile:

Oh god, that title reminds me of the Rick Mercer Report. :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Spike, HIDE!!!

Nice. Nice nice nice. Glorious friendships abound. Love the emphasis on that. A fun little read, well done.

This is good. lol

It goes about how I'd figure it would in the show, and it got me thinking on how much fanmade content we'll have to look forward to as we wait for season 4. This wait isn't going to be nearly as bad as my wait for season 3, when all I really did was rewatch previous episodes. :twistnerd:

I applaud thee for a most enjoyable little read that may help some people feel better about the whole mess. :ajsmug:

I like it. But at the start twilight was sounding a little bit snobbish to me, new princess personality?

Run, Spike! RUN!!!

... Wut?

I'm sorry, that "wut" isn't from a bad or weird fic, instead it is from how you explained the ending of season 3.

... You just basically fixed everything I was uncertain about that season ending considering any fics I do and might do about mlp. Thank you. I might have given up on a story idea or two if it weren't for this fic.

Seriously. Thank you.

2160743 Technically pegasuses is more correct than pegasi since the -i suffix for plural comes from latin, but pegasus is a greek name, not latin, so they're two different languages. Pegasuses or Pegases would be more technically correct.

hahaha rainbow dash... :rainbowkiss: i likee this story a lot keep working on oit :twilightsmile:

and i think u should change the title to something less wordy like learning to fly or lessons from pegsi or somethin or other

2161051 The name it self is a homage to a book everything you wanted to know about Sex (but were to afraid to ask)

i seeeeeee hahaha i knew that... :rainbowwild:

Comment posted by StarFall825 deleted Feb 22nd, 2013

After reading this story I want to see Spike getting wings in canon.

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