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Boomstick Mick

"Oh bother," said Pooh as he chambered another round.


Symphony of The Night · 2:10pm October 19th

Just an ode to one of my favorite videogames

Ascending the steps to the throne room, I knew not what madness awaited me.
Was the music a symphony of doom, a prelude to that which awaited me?
"I've come to end this," declared I to the demon who drank from his chalice.
Ruby red was its liquid inside, and his eyes were filled with madness.
"Have at you!" he replied in response to my provocation, ignorant of my heritage, and my vampire killing vocation.

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Call me whatever you want, guy. And I appreciate the follow. More to come soon, now that I'm situated at my new residence.

Hello, Mick, can I call you Mick? How've you been? Was going through my tracking, found that you are indeed still actively writing. Will be taking a glance at your other works, hope you've been well while reflecting.

Ah that's good laugh

Here's a prank call from a radio host in my country:

Fuck, that's a clever ass bio

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