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Boomstick Mick

"Oh, bother," said Pooh as he chambered another round.

My Alignment

Chaotic Good: When you embrace the concepts of love and tolerance, yet comprehend the fact that some mother fuckers just can't be reasoned with.

My Mission

To fuck with the normies.

Lemon Zest: she needs more love

I imagine her listening to something bad ass like Iron Maiden or Children of Bodom. Waifu material, bruh


RIP Sunset Shimmer · 5:29am 11 hours ago

Definitely not shitposting

And to her fans out there, who probably fucking hate me now.

Caution: Spicy Joke Ahead
Lujasco, if you blow up my skype about this, I swear I'll give ICE an anonymous tip and have you deported :raritywink:

Is there anything more racist than an SJW?

Welcome to your new favorite song, you sick fuck : D

Living Tombstone/Mario Odyssey - Fuck yeah, boi >: D

Seriously, this game is awesome. Play it, faggot!

I'm glad I have a video to go along with my ringtone

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Skype would be best........also i don't do social media either, it was some kind of dare. Now I kinda want to continue it but........ I'm having second thoughts.

Well that's works too lol!

I don't really do a whole lot of social media/networking, but if you want I'll add you on Skype or Steam.

Also the update on my blog was from my artist, not me. She is in college and she is my neighbor.

I don't know if this is a good idea, but I started a Undertale Ask Blog on Tumblr.
But so far it's kinda crappy
If you want to check out me and my artist my blog name is Ask Flowey and Friends!

  • Viewing 69 - 73 of 73
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