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Boomstick Mick

"Oh, bother," said Pooh as he chambered another round.

My alignment

Chaotic Good:
When you understand the importance of love and tolerance, yet comprehend the fact that some motherfuckers just can't be reasoned with.

Musiques I like

1. Fear of The Dark - Iron Maiden

2. Night of The Werewolvs - Powerwolf

3. Leather Lord - 3 inches of blood

4. Airship Pirates - Abney Park

5. Bloody Tears - Originally composed by Kenichi Matsubara remixed by Lyude

All My Crap

Welcome to the chaotic assortment of random shit that is my profile

Stay a while and listen. Or go fuck off. I'm cool with either.

All proud citizens of Kekistan are welcome

Because bitches love cannons

A fascinating steam conversation (Featuring TheMyth)

TheMyth: Imagine if you were asked to come up with a zelda game
Boomstick Mick: I would rock that shit
Boomstick Mick: If Suguru Miyamoto pulled up next to me in a van and his japanese ninja thugs jumped out and kidnapped me to take me to american nintendo headquarters in Redmond, WA to force me to write up a story for the new Zelda game
Boomstick Mick: that'd be my fucking dream
TheMyth is now Away.
Boomstick Mick: I would make Miyamoto and Reggie torture me a little first
Boomstick Mick: i would enjoy the hell out of it
TheMyth is now Online.
TheMyth: Lol
TheMyth: What would your story be about
Boomstick Mick: you have to gather three things
Boomstick Mick: then you have to gather seven things
Boomstick Mick: then you have to beat who you think is the main bad guy
Boomstick Mick: but then you realize ganon is the actual bad guy
Boomstick Mick: then you make it through his dungeon and defeat him
Boomstick Mick: original as fuck. Save. Print. Publish. Bitch!

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That's my dream you're talking about...

As for Miyamoto Shigeru, I'd be worried about the shrooms he'd put in your drink...

My fantasy is to fuck San from Princess Mononoke

My fantasy... if Hayao Miyazaki came to me to help write a movie for him... or Quentin Tarantino asked me for a script... or Nomura Tetsuya asked me to help make a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts game... :heart:

That's life in a nutshell, cupcake. To quote what Sandor Clegane said to Sansa in A Clash of Kings: "Life is not a song." And it's true.

Living is a perpetual game of roshambo: When life kicks you in the balls, you can either fall down and cry, or you can grit your teeth and kick back twice as hard.

I love ya and all, but the newest chapter made me cry! It was so sweet, and Sombra's story was soooo sad! But I love it and you all the same! SO DONT THINK THAT I DIDNT LIKE IT OR I AM MAD AT YOU 'CAUSE IM NOT NOT IT WAS JUST SAD!!!

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