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Boomstick Mick

"I'm always dubious of historical quotes I find on the internet" -Abraham Lincoln-

Rest In Peace Wesley 1981 - 2020

Dude, I really fucking miss you...

The other day I tried to play Gauntlet on my own. You know, just to remember the old days? After fifteen minutes I just couldn't anymore. It's not the same without you having my back.

Murky Moose's ten question questionnaire:

1. Who is your favorite writer?: Robert E. Howard

2. Goodest movie?: Army of Darkness

3. Bestest band?: Nightwish

4. What is your favoritist videogame franchise?: Castlevania

5: Best pizza?: BBQ Chicken

6: Favorite subject(s) in school?: English and history

7: Historical figure you could meet?: Jesus

8: Any hobbies besides writing/art/gaming?: Target Shooting/Firearms Training

9: Favorite historical quote?: "We're not just going to shoot the bastards, we're going to rip out their living goddamned guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks." -George S. Patton-

10: Last but definitely not least, who is best pony?: Applejack

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referring to the sipioc fan art i noticed by chance

Fair enough, it’s why I didn’t include him. Plus I felt it was a good mother-son moment

Only problem is that if I reveal anything, it could be seen as a spoiler. But I love fan art. And I love the idea of Fluttershy being a doting mother who fusses over the tidiness of her son's doublet well into his young adulthood. I would also venture that your version of mama Fluttershy is in her mid 40s - early 50s. She's aged like a fine wine. I wonder if Sombra is still in the picture.

Would you like me to? I certainly can. I may need your input on his colors.

Did you ever expand upon this one? Color it in, polish the edges, add in shading, etc?

Yikes! No kidding, that sounds rough!

Really need to get on finishing the new chapter, but these sixty hour work weeks are killing me ×_×

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