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Signal Boosting · 12:55pm Apr 4th, 2017

So I recently came across this... astonishingly amazing Fallout Equestria fanfic that just neeeds more attention that it deserves. If anyone here is interested please check it out, even if you're not really into Fallout Equestria or the side fics.

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2315808 I would actually...*shame*

2315795 and u would know, *wiggles eyebrows*

2315790 Yeah, that stuff is a log better for ya really. Tastes great without the consequences of alcohol, which suck to the nth degree. Hangovers and sickness ain't worth it really.


Seriously tho I only do regular cider.:pinkiesmile:

2315783 I'm an innocent young girl remember?:scootangel:

Hardregular cider 24/7...:trollestia:

2315780 hard cider or just reg cider? The difference makes alll the dofference.

2315778 dude it's like midnight over here.:rainbowlaugh:
I had good day. Had hot chocolate. Shoulda been cider tho.:rainbowlaugh:

2315774 aye, i've been great, had a lazy day for a change and just slept in. You?

  • Viewing 807 - 816 of 816
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