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After Forever a Changeling. · 4:28pm Aug 19th, 2013

Just a friendly reminder, I do have a blog that continues on from the pony ending to Forever a Changeling. I'm now working on the second chapter. You can check it out here.

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So you ever gonna continue Samurai Applejack by chance?

Will you please tell me your Oc queens, their hive ability, their attitude to ponykind, their colour and their pheramone.:pinkiehappy:

Also, do you wanna hear my Ocs?:twilightsmile:

Idea: Scootaloo uses her adorable puppy eyes to make Shade train her and the other crusaders.
They don't get any marks other than self-inflicted injuries.

1023184 It's your story, you can do what you want.

can i use my changeling headcanons?

1. changelings are flutter-ponies from G1 mutated by the slooze (also from G1) because they were convinced that that they were immune to it.

2.changelings have their own language but rarely use it. For story purposes rainbow has this language hard wired into her brain so she understands and responds in it.

  • Viewing 33 - 37 of 37
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