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Rainbow Dash x Soarin' shippings. Or other stories that include Soarin and Rainbow Dash as fairly large characters. I personally love SoarinDash, which is why my username on this website is literally SoarinDash.

Everyone is currently allowed to post their stories. As long as they are put into the correct folders, and have proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. If too many stories are posted in the wrong folders, or do not cover the requirements, I will be changing posting permission to contributors only.

If I am missing any needed folders, please feel free to message me!

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That doesn't sound silly at all, in fact that is what got me interested in MLP

It doesn't sound stupid:twilightsmile:

I know this sounds stupid :twilightsheepish: but this is one of the reasons i came back to mlp :twilightsmile:

New member here!! And Soarindash is my fave shipping in all mlp!!!:pinkiehappy: I just love them so much they are for my opinion the cutest couple:rainbowdetermined2:

New member from 2017!!! Gosh, I wish we had a Soarin pony face so my otp will always be in my comments :derpytongue2:

I really love this ship since when i join mlp, SOARIN AND DASH :pinkiehappy::raritywink:
ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER :rainbowlaugh::heart:

Also a fan of SoarinDash, ever since being introduced to it in Dash of Humanity.

Other OTP has to be TwiDash tho. They're just so cute together.

I'm a fan of SoarinDash that's why I joined the group but my love of PinkieDash has taken over thanks to my sister, ParkerthePegasister. But other than PinkieDash and SoarinDash my OTP is RariSpike. Anyone else?

Soarindash is AWSOME!! They deserve to be together as a couple:twilightsmile:

How and which folders can i post them on. Cuase i have no clue how to do that quite yet. So i need a little help.

um... hi i'm new here... o... well nice meet you guys...

Hi i just joined yaaaaay. Ok lets get started I need to know who made this group cuz I absolutely love it but....... Anyone who love RainbowPie *takes out a gun* LEAVE.NOW.OR.DIE:flutterrage:

Wassup??!! :D New member here

402505 I may not do it due to me already working on the original story. Although I will consider the idea in another story perhaps.
Thanks! I cannot post more on the forums due to spoiling an entire story I'll send you a message of whats kinda going on. Also I'm not sure how to have Soarin' not just be a romantic interest. I was considering him training Rainbow Dash to get back in shape but thats all in my head.

Here's an idea: How about Rainbow Dash has a tragic flying accident, which puts her in a coma that she comes in and out of. When she is awake, Soarin and her friends are there to comfort her. Soarin spends those precious minutes where she is awake telling her about what's happening and how his day went, and tries to get her to stay awake longer and talk to him. Could someone write this and finish the story?

402493 I though this would be interesting! It would have to be sort of a tragedy (decide the ending for yourself) and couldn't be all romance. It would have to be a mix of genres like tragedy, and would have to be about friendship too, so the reader wouldn't feel like Soarin was only there to be the romantic interest. My final advice, if you like this idea, is to keep the characters in character.:pinkiehappy:

Hey guys! Can anyone head down to the forums and help me with making a SoarinDash story?

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