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This is a Soarin and Rainbow Dash group. You may post whatever you please as long as it contains both Soarin AND Rainbow Dash. They also must be shipped in the story you post. I hope you enjoy! Oh, and he's a cute picture:

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1OOTH MEMBER!!:rainbowkiss:

My fellow Soarindash junkies: I just posted the first chapter of my new Soarindash story:

Piercing the Heavens

the third part of the Soarindash side plot in my timeline :rainbowkiss: Give it a look if you wish :rainbowdetermined2:

Ojh my celestia :trollestia: .!!!!!
Best pairing ever i love soarindash :rainbowkiss:
Just joined the group and i just made an account 2 days ago :rainbowwild:

Hello all! My recent SoarinDash fic is now complete :rainbowkiss:

Give it a look if you wish

Flying Sky-High

354439 I will be sure to check out your stories!

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To my Fellow Soarindash junkies:

Justfinished the first chapter of my sequel to Head in the Clouds:

Flying Sky-High

give it a look :rainbowkiss:

Joined a while ago, forgot to post a hello. :rainbowlaugh:

I absolutely love this ship. I was an athlete myself so i guess i got a soft spot for these two.

Anyway, i posted my story for them here in the teen folder.

Head in the Clouds :rainbowkiss:
It takes a different pace, focusing on how a relationship realistically develops and how one must overcome barriers for those they care about.

Give it a look :rainbowwild:

(Yes there is a short fic that comes before it in my timeline, but it isn't required to understand the events of Head in the clouds. All you need to know is something bad happened and it made Big Mac and Fluttershy good friends. Other than that Head in the Clouds is it's own story. Enjoy! ^_^)

I want to join every Soarin/Dash group ever! Because I love the pairing just that much!:rainbowkiss:

Woo 69th member

Hello everybody, I'm new to this group and I want to thank TiggerTaffy01 for alerting me (and possibly a million other people in the SoarDash fanbase) to this group.

Whilst I'm here, I would like to tell you about a SoarinDash tragedy story I'm writing called 'Te Amo, Rainbow Dash' which in turn is based on 'Cupcakes' & William Shakespeare's work.

This is amazin`!


Sorry I wasn't able to get to this sooner! It would be so kind of you to write and put Soarindash ships in this group! However, if you do decide to do that, please make sure they belong to 1 folder only! Other than that, go right ahead on writing stories for this group :)

The current banner picture and avatar picture is incredibly adorable. I really like it. :) I also write a lot of Soarin' X Dash ships as well if you are interested.

This is a new group! DO NOT JUDGE! :)

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