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I may have added the wrong story onto this group. Thought it was a Soarin only group, not a SoarinDash. My bad. 😅
Prepare yourself! The potential for a mass influx of new members joining your group has just been raised. Your group is now listed in New Groups.

397531 so the admin list that i put as a thread and contests and such are stuff that i take care of

397529 In-charge of contests, ban people if they don't follow the rules, the works. Ask me for approval especially on the contest. I don't like (yet) a contest that are clopfics as entries.

Salute to new admin Paper Scribbles!

397527 okay then what are my jobs as an admin i've only ever been an admin for groups that i have made

397465 One more tho. Yeah sure, you can be one.

397038 when did i become an admin

Hai! MAJOUR EXTREME SoarinDash fan here, reporting for duty!

One question, are admin spots open? I would like to be one, I also work for The Good Fic Bin :twilightsmile: Tht's only if their open tho

Salute to new admin Hikari H Discordia!

397005 I can laugh, right?


I knkw I have a problem DON'T JUDGE ME!!:fluttercry:

Comment posted by Luvbuttonmash deleted May 13th, 2015
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