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This group is for only SoarinDash lovers only now here are the rules.
1-Please put stories in the correct folders.
2-No mean comments.

Here are the meanings of the folders.
Fillies=Prengnanacy or children.
Romance=getting married or dating.
Soarin=Soarin's diary.
Rainbow=Rainbow's diary.
Life=get to now each other , date, get married and have children

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Must... join... all... SoarinDash... groups... :pinkiecrazy:

well thats ok hay can you do pics like this[link]:twilightsmile:
ok and what side on the world do you live in im just asking:twilightsmile:

did it ever turn out right:twilightsmile:

have you ever done just a pencil and paper:twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

how do you draw pictures then:heart:

what do you mean it depends is there some sort of way that you do art:unsuresweetie::heart::twilightsmile:

hay are you a good artiste? :heart:

well im curintly waiting for the next chapter :twilightsmile: and calm left it on such a cliff hanger nd unlike other people i like cliff hangers :raritystarry::pinkiecrazy:

370215 I m just starting to read what chapter are you on?

so have you read the latest chpter to Piercing the heavens i thought it was really good but im in suspense know calm did a good job on it :raritystarry:

369770 my favorite at this time is Flying-Sky high by Calm wind

Piercing the heavens i think is his best story by far :pinkiehappy:

369667 i been thinking of that storie oh and i follow him his very good:twistnerd:

hay by any chances do you read the story Piercing the Heavens by Calm Wind :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 15 - 34 of 34