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This is for the many and awesome ponies who loves Rainbow Dash and Soarin'...especially together! Stories here must be about Rainbow Dash, Soarin' or Rainbow Dash and Soarin'. We will occasionally host contests for the best Rainbow + Soarin' story, however the story must be yours. They will be judged off of writing skills, creativity and character development. Everyone must be polite to one another.

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398860 Nice to meet another SoarinDash fan.

Glad to have joined this group, I really like SoarinDash

also, the contest ends 7/30/2014 unless postponed. that's enough time...right?:unsuresweetie:

By the way, I've created another file. and the prize for the contest is just winning. i'll try to find another prize but that's all for now.

another soarindash group? Why not? :rainbowdetermined2:

You now have a Darth

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