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I made this group because I'm both a SoarinDash and Scootadopt/love fan. So I made this group for stories that have RD adopting Scootaloo as her daughter and were Soarin becomes her father at one point.

1. Stories must have RD adopting or has already adopted Scootaloo.
2. Must be SoarinDash.
3. Please no sex or clop stories.
4. You may ship scootaloo although I prefer rumbloo it doesn't matter to me.
5. Have fun and be nice thank you.


If your story is part of a series I will allow the others as long as they involve RD, Scootalooo, or Soarin in any way and they lead up to that story. Remember to have fun and enjoy!:scootangel:

As of reaching 50+ members I encourage people to post story ideas. I would love to see what people have in mind for stories and see what we can find! DON'T HOLD BACK!

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