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Sheltie Paws

Hi! I'm editing this later, and remember, I do follows for follows!

Welcome To My User Page!

Welcome to my page, where we are all one with nature! I write for fun, not for fame, and want to be an author when I grow up. Please enjoy my stories, check out my blog, and explore my user page! For those who actually stuck around to read this, here is a short bio:

I am a pegasister under the age of 18. I have a mother, father, annoying little brother, and 2 guinea pigs.

My Close FimFriends

Harmonic Brush, the wonderful pony who has been my friend since 2 grade and is the reason I am here to type these words. (She convinced me to watch MLP and set up my account)

Crystal Note, another close friend from school and truly the Lemon (inside joke).

Phoenix Nebula, a great person to discuss stories and writing with, as well as a nice friend.

Rainboom H Harmonia, a very supportive and kind person.

Locks key, my first online friend alongside Perry Note.

Perry Note, my first online friend alongside Locks key.

My OCs

You all know Sheltie Paws, my main OC. I've made several other pony though. Here are some more! (Please don't judge my art!I am still a beginner, and need practice!)

Cream Puff is a pegasi stallion. He is known to be quite pompous and elegant. Cream is personal assistant to Flour Sweet, owner of Sweet Works of Art bakery. He and Sheltie were once best friends in their childhood before Sheltie disappeared. In his spare time, Cream writes romance novels. His own fans have started rumours about a romance between himself and Flour Sweet.

Stories I Have Recently Been Working On

My Emotions

Me when my mom kisses me in public:

Me petting my guinea pigs:

Me when I don't get what I want:

Me at an airport before I board the plane:

Me when I wake up:

Me caught stealing cookies:

Me licking candy off my face:

Me pretending to be in a romantic comedy:

Me on a Saturday afternoon:

Me on Monday morning:

Me looking at my brother:

Me on a bad hair day:

Me defending my room:

Me hiding in a bush with my hoodie on:

Me after falling into a lake:

Me fake fainting:

Me on taco Tuesday:

Me feeling super energetic:

Me when I'm bored:

Me drinking prank liquid:

Me feeling really persistent:

Favorite Ships















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Pony Personality Test

A real hard worker you are, yup. If there's one thing you hate, it's being inactive or coming across as lazy. You'll put in more effort than anyone else, even if it may be against your better judgement or even if delagating your work is a smarter option. It's not surprising to see you working all day long, even if it's to help friends out. However, friendship is still important to you, so you will always, always stick to your commitments and keep your promises.
You're a tell-it-like-it-is pony, not holding your tongue and telling whoever whatever's on your mind or what your true thoughts are. Thankfully, you can still pick your words carefully and still keep some sensitivity towards what you say. But, others may find you irritable in appearance if you're not getting your way or you feel against something.
You are also most likely to be athletic and into staying fit, knowing that if you're not, you won't be able to keep up with your work. Fashion and looking good aren't on the top of your priorities, to say the least. You also tend to be very protective of your friends, standing up for them against anyone who is causing them problems, and usually succeeding in warding off any foes. You'd gladly lose a limb if it meant saving a friend's life.

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Could I be an admin of you Hippocampus group? My whole theme is underwater. My username is Atlantis Productions and I'm working on getting a new icon featuring Calypso, the pony on me current icon, as a Hippocampus.

Hi, I'm Sans. Sans the Skeleton

(it's 12:30 am my time when I post this.)

(And since I have nothing to do...)

(I'm posting on random people's walls)

2053025 , your welcome! I do that sometimes, look at someone's page and go "I like you!" :pinkiehappy:

Thanks sooo much for the watch!!!!!!

Thanks sooo much for the watch!!!!!!

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