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When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are sent to Kanto due to Sweetie Belle, they decide to become Creature Catchers! They find many familier faces, and some new ones, and they must band together to stop a new threat from destroying both worlds.

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Whenever Twilight or Sweetie Bell say nothing will go wrong with a new spell it's a guarantee something will.

This is both adorable and terrifying since the CMC will be making lots of friends... But some of those friends have lots of destructive potential to combine with the usual CMC antics.

I can tell you right away, the prologue's not really necessary if you have it that short. You can open the story with them waking up in the new world and then discussing how they got there when they have some time alone.

"Quick, girls! What was the last thing you remember happening before we woke up like this?"
"Wasn't I trying out a new spell?"

And so on, then continue with the story as normal.

This story is my dream come true.

A little short, but I understand this is just a prolonged. It seems that whenever somepony says, "Nothing will go wrong!" It's a guarantee something is bound to happen, great so far. Can't wait to read more!

6643744 Exuse me, I mean: prologue

This is awesome! But I only have a few concerns. (Not that I'm any better)

Instead of saying two words twice, think of a similar word.


"Okay you two, quiet down!" Cheerlie shushed.

Applebloom sighed, "But Cheerlie-"

"Shh!" Cheerlie quelled again.

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