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Out of all of the three pony races I feel that Earth ponies have the least respect.
They don't have any wings or horns but that doesn't mean they have a disadvantage. No pony has! So this group is for all Earth Pony lovers to share and chat about .

If any fanfic or from post shows earth ponies in a negative light it will be erased and you will be banned (Of course if the villain is a earth pony it is fine).

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Season Five

Lies, unicorns are the master race :trollestia:

Earth Ponies are equal?
More like superior.

evidently you are not.
Good book. Good book. Nobody else in my english lass like it though. Mind you, they hate anything to do with reading anyway...Bunch of uncultured heathens.


This place is for ponies not pigs lol


i thought i was the only one on fimfiction who knew about animal farm:pinkiecrazy:

This ain't animal farm, mate

Lol. No they're not.

They're just abundant. :trollestia:

sounds awesome
earth ponies unite!

oh :twilightblush: I gonna fix that

Earth Ponies Are Equal


chat about the best of the three races.


>Calling Earth Ponies equal and the best.
There's something very wrong here...:trixieshiftright:

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