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Welcome to the Happiness Society!

This group has two aims:
1) anyone can express what makes themselves happy.
2) anyone who isn't happy can gain support from others, and become happy again.

1) No mean comments or hating on people, love and tolerate :twilightsmile:
2) No NSFW material to be posted
3) These rules may change if needed

Forum/ Threads:
Anyone can post! If you want to post about what makes you happy, just make a thread and put stuff on there (photos, music, quotes ect) Same goes for if you are seeking support, just post a thread about your thoughts and feelings and people will help :twilightsmile:

Posting Stories:
Post stories that make you happy!
(Also, yes, you can post stories or darker genres or even sad fictions because sometimes a little sadness can make you feel better afterwards. However, no mature rated fictions)

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Your group makes me happy.

Comment posted by Happy deleted Jul 12th, 2015

396563 yup. we had a barbeque.

396560 quiet as well. my dad his birthday was last saturday

396559 it was quiet :twilightsmile: Yours

396558 :) how was your weekend?

396555 I'm not humble I just know there were people who helped a lot more than me

396554 and so humble too...

396553 there were many people who helped

396552 but you cheered them up, I heard?

396550 yeah, I heard a lot of people were depressed?

396549 :rainbowderp: Translate to English please

396548 YAY! oh... and what did i hear? the darkest hour of fimfic? and that was while I was gone

396547 of course you are :ajsmug:

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