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A group dedicated to the amazing and kind person, Scootaloo96. Dedicated to spreading the word of this amazing person and making sure he is never set on fire by zombies with rifles.

scootaloo96 is an amazing person, friend, and (even if he denies it) writer.

He is kind and good, and always there for those who need him. Even before he published a story he had over 200 followers and for good reason. Some people are followed for their writing, or their humour. Though he is good at both of those, I think most follow him for his pure and good heart. He is truly and amazing and wonderful person. I think it's pretty much impossible not to love him.

This description is really short. Somebody add stuff? Please?

*tumble weed rolls past*

Description written by PikaBlue, June, Rainbow FlutterDash and scootaloo96 himself. Um... anyone else wish to contribute?

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I'm honestly crying, this is beautiful :')


Oh wait, we stay to protect. Oops.

399412 Buddy, you and me both.

Hooray for scoots!

399520 Just ask an admin. I don't think they care too much.

This description is really short. Somebody add stuff? Please?

Will if you make me an admin. :ajsmug:
JK, I want power I mean I'm kidding. Eheh...

399412 don't worry pal, you got one now

Scoots is awesome:pinkiehappy: (Now I need my fan group!):rainbowlaugh:

I support this group~:heart:

He is the sweggiest person, donut steel his title

I agree

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