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A Follower's alt account. An alt of an alt, I guess you could say.

About Me

Who are you? I used to be A Follower. I was banned sometime in April, at which point I had managed to follow 5,955 members. Now, I'm June. I draw, write, edit, review, and do pretty much everything except for following people.

Okay, but why the alt account? I made this account because people occasionally find me and "migrate" their follow over to my main, which I do not want. Anyway, this account is for people to talk to me or ask me questions without hunting down my main account.

Uh... isn't that ban evasion? Apparently not. I asked before making this account, so I think it's okay.

You're acting differently. I've forgotten how to be A Follower. It's been a while, okay?

I think that pretty much covers everything. Any questions? Feel free to ask.

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You can contact her here.

Any idea where I can contact her? The site banning is getting pretty ridiculous these days.

1928490 Why would anyone ask for a ban?:pinkiegasp:

1919462 Given her history with the site, I wouldn't blame her.

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