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Arreis Of Avalon


Vinyl takes a walk after the wedding before returning home to her roommate, Octavia.

A lovely individual chose to translate this to Spanish! I can't read a lick of it myself, but if anyone would prefer that, the link is here: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/No-es-como-si-estuviera-sorda-970424886

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Love this story. Tugs at the heartstrings but not enough to make you feel bad the rest of the day.:heart:

6121355 That was the goal. I almost didn't have the sad tag!

6121362 *offers tissues* Thanks for the comment!

I see I'm not the only one with a Mute Vinyl headcanon. According to an interview from M.A. Larson, she was originally supposed to have lines in ep 100, but Hasbro told him that she doesn't speak so he changed it.

6121698 Niiiiice. Yeah, she never speaks in canon, so I just wanted to write this.

This is beautiful. Well done!:pinkiesmile:

I still prefer to believe Vinyl's silence in canon is a salute to Nowacking, whom many consider the definitive Vinyl Scratch.

this is a cute, but a little sad too, story! being mute myself, its really nice to have the idea that vinyl is mute being spread around, even if it does come with a few unpleasant side affects. I can mostly relate to vinyl in this too!

6124125 Thank you for your comment! Honestly, this was the first time I wrote something like this. I'm glad I added the sad tag at the last minute - I was unsure about it at first.

This was really great and well written! I especially enjoyed Vinyl's and Octavia's interactions at the end of the story. Good job!

6124542 Thanks much! (Honestly was not expecting this to get so big!)


I think it would be awesome if you did a love story between Vinyl and Octavia. Start it from when they first meet, and have it go on for awhile, maybe even do a plot twist where something happens and one has to try and come back and admit they love the other. I just think it would make an awesome story with Vinyl being mute. Anyways great job on this one!

6124546 Hmm... I never really write romance. Maybe I should give it a shot....


6124570 Might as well, it would be awesome to have one. I know there's a story floating around here where Vinyl is really deaf. Might give that a read, it's only a chapter I believe

I concluded back after equestrian girls 2 that Scratch might be a mute but then i kinda forgot about it till this episode further my suspicion. I Thought about and still might do a short story about her condition that hinges around Tavi being the only one to really just naturally understand her. I'm glad I saw your story though because you did it better than I'd ever accomplish.

After seeing the 100th episode, still need to see EQG 2 but the 100th episode was enough to make me think that Vinyl was mute. Not a single spoken line. Does make you wonder.

Nah, Vinyl is just Silent Bob to Octavia's Jay.

Well done, sis. :3 And congrats on the feature!

Short but good, I like it.

I almost expected her to speak during Slice of Life since they gave voice to most ponies. She did speak and sing in the comics, but still.

What this story really deserves credit for is how, unlike some of its kin, it captures a much more realistic take on the issues a person with a disability deals with on a daily basis.

You see, in a lot of stories about a disabled person (be it muteness, handicapped, etc), the instigator of the drama is often a one-dimensional, malicious bully, someone who just picks on the main character for the sake of being a mean-spirited jerk and to help easily bring on the 'feels' at the end. And while I'm not at all denying that those kind of people exist (unfortunately, they do), not every single instance of a disabled person being made to feel low is caused by them.

What sad is that a lot of the time offense is unintentionally caused by people who AREN'T actively trying to be jerks. Why? Well, depending on how misanthropic you are, the majority of people are decent human beings, but often through ignorance and an even attempts NOT to be offensive, they still end up causing hurt to the person. Take for example, the doctor, who genuinely had no idea Vinyl couldn't speak and was being totally innocent when he asked the worst question, "Why didn’t you just say so?" If he found out then, like most people, I imagine he'd be totally apologetic.

Or say, the scene with Vinyl, the colt and the mother; the latter was so concerned with her kid (tactless as kids tend to be) possibly saying or doing something hurtful that she intervened regardless. It's a bitingly realistic example, compounded by the repetitive use of sympathetic smiles, how some people are so worried about causing offense that they end up simply treating disabled people as if they're little bunny rabbits who need to be treated with sympathy and safety gloves. That they're human beings with the same emotions as others.

For that alone, I'll give this story a thumbs up and a favourite. The relationship between Octavia and Vinyl is cute of course, but that's more a side dish to the main course.

Nicely done.

Nice little story, I loved the interaction between Vinyl and Octavia. The fact that the thing that upset her was people taking pity on her was really sad--and exactly what we're all doing right here isn't it?
I like to think that it's semi canon. They didn't confirm or deny that she's mute, she just never talked in her 5-ish minutes of screen time. That way we can still have the classic loud mouthed Vinyl we all know and love, but also explore this interesting idea.

Personally, I kind of prefer the version with an interesting personality as opposed to the one who's interesting because she has a disability. (Best of both worlds, someone write fanon Vinyl mute! Now that would be interesting.)

I enjoyed this. It was an interesting take on Vinyl and why she doesn't speak.

I like the whole thing about her not being able to talk. Though I like to think of her as though she just don't like to talk... unless to Tavi.

Oh if you want to check out another story where she can't talk check http://www.fimfiction.net/story/271384/heartbeat
it's good, I just hope it updates soon...

6121576 You should revisit this idea!

Yes you are

I prefer to think that Vinyl is the just Silent Bob of Equestria - she's perfectly capable of speaking, she just doesn't for some reason.

Also, as always when it comes to disabled ponies, I find myself wondering why there isn't a spell for that.

I honestly can't imagine her deaf. As far as I know, the majority of "deaf-mute" people are actually born deaf, and have perfectly working vocal chords, but just never learned to use them due to not hearing anything. I can't imagine someone who's into music to be in that class, due to the "born deaf" part.

When the episode aired, I just knew this "mute" idea would be floating around in the community, heh.

Vampire Vinyl fanon + mute Vinyl fanon = awesome?

Hmm. I don't even feel like this was really a sad fic as such. A very nice slice of life for sure, though, and really heartwarming. :twilightsmile:

Or maybe Vinyl is just like Pen & Teller with Tavi? :pinkiehappy:

well played my friend

A real slice of life It would be intresting to see a story wher tavi and vinyl are in relationship while vinyl being mute...just an idea

Fine, have a Favorite!

Awesome! This pretty much exactly matches what became my Vinyl headcanon after "Slice of Life". :)

Nice story and now what I'm going to say next is just a joke, don't take it to seriously. So what happens if you marry a mute? How would they say I do, unless she don't want to marry. Then I realize, sign language but then again I very doubt that many ponies would know.


I used Jay and Silent Bob, but yeah, this is basically the same reading i got from their relationship. Octy certainly speaks enough for the both of them, look at their scene.

Also, this:

Kind of reminded me of this:

6127030 In the same way... can you imagine a thing that would be better than having a great friend like Tavi in this fic?

Well... maybe being able to talk. Maybe :twilightblush:

Yes, this makes sense.
Her being mute.....
I bet ponies call her that in public because, if she cannot talk, then she cannot reprimand them.
So to tune into music and out of others makes sense. Music can be your voice as much as your vocal cords.... I should know.....
It's strange, being mute. I had a 'Day of Silence' once, and it feels good, in that you can listen and hear things you normally don't, but if no one else is mute, or silent, then it gets real hurtful sometimes.... One time a kid came up to me and insulted me because I would not respond to him.
I solved the problem with music. Set up speakers, hooked up my player, and just sat there listening to something relaxing. You'd be surprised, but at least half my street showed up in my front yard (having set up there) to just relax. No talking. Just lie or sit down, and listen.

All in all, a feely story, if it can make me open up. To clear something up, the street I live on is populated by music fanatics, and we regularly have parties with blasting music. This includes old and very young kids.
Vinyl is my fav, and this now has my fav.

What a gem this story was.

There are many times when stories dealing with someone who has a disability end up coming across as overly sentimental, and/or treat the disabled character with an attitude that they are somehow fragile and take pity on themselves for their own conditions, whatever those may be. This didn't do that.

And, in addition, you managed to create a believable source of conflict for Vinyl to face without even using any particular antagonist. Not that there is anything wrong with writing in a dedicated antagonist, per se, and in certain instances, having a "bully" antagonist works well for a story (e.g. Diamond Tiara in "Flight to the Finish"), but this approach was much more unique and interesting to read about.

Nicely done. Liked, faved, and followed, and here's hoping you earn a lot more!

6127118 SHIPPING MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER and wouldn't ruin anything *cough* Hearts and Hooves Day Episode *cough*

6125372 Thank you so much for th compliment! I hope to see your story someday!


It seems that two people have no soul. Also, I totally caught that RosexDoctor thing.

The story was adorable it also made me cry it made me liquid pride. Keep up the good work! Now, I just have to find some kleenex and ice cream...

--SYA, The Horse

6125540 I just had to write this after all that.

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